potbs treasurehunt contest 2009  

Aye, have ye entard the contest and thought yourself the winner? A pence for an old man o'de sea? Ahoy, see the list below for the current winner Aye.

Avast ye, today's lucky Grand Prize winner be:

From September 26, 2009: Noodlebeam|WH

Congratulations ye ole landlubber, now off to the poop deck with ye!

Arrr, we be wishin' ye good luck mateys! Ahoy, don't forget t' check back e'ery day for the winner, or to t' da'ey jones' locker with ya. Shiver me timbers!

Arrr, pre'ious Ipod winners are:

September 25, 2009: nazlot

September 24, 2009: JWilberforce

September 23, 2009: sawaj

September 22, 2009: rhiker

September 21, 2009: raflmeo

September 20, 2009: rhorle

September 19: ClericTaven

September 18: talizzar

September 17: mcsimon

September 16: snort|WH

September 15: Demonoidal

September 14: Blackskye

September 13: Dyadem

September 12: Alimar

Arrr, be checkin' ye email for further details...

Aye, ye can read more about the Pirates o' the Burnin' Sea contest har, official contest page har, and the rules har. Oh! And Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

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