eq2 quest:Trick or Treat  

This was part of the Nights of the Dead annual Halloween Live Event, but was retired after 2011.

Talk to the Gigglegibber Trick-or-Treater by the Qeynos Claymore in North Qeynos, or in West Freeport.

NOTE: You do not get a quest accept window or any entry in your quest journal. Nor do you get a timer clock but this quest is timed! You have 10 minutes to get all the candy you can.

  1. The goblin told you what he wanted most, what he would accept and what he would not take.
  2. Right click on any NPC or Guard in North Qeynos or West Freeport and select "Trick or Treat". Some will give you a piece of candy, some will give you nothing and some will play a trick on you!
    • If you're fast enough you can also visit adjoining city zones such as Elddar Grove, North Freeport and so on to get even more candy.
  3. Return to the goblin and give him the candy for your points. If you score 50 or more you will win a prize (one of several different masks):

Trick-or-Treat Rewards
Small Prizes
50-74 Points
Big Prizes
75-99 Points
Grand Prizes
100+ Points
a black mask All of the small prizes All of the small prizes
a cat mask an amygdalan mask All of the big prizes
a goblin mask a cursed skeleton mask an infernal skeleton mask
a hatchet mask a nightblood mask a sinister scarecrow mask
a snarling werewolf mask Zombiebane (NEW in 2011!)
The first Nights of the Dead rewards also included an Antonia mask and a Lucan mask, which can now be received by completing the quest They Won't Miss It.

ZAM would like to thank Sionedd for help with the small and large prizes.

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