eq2 quest:Trail of Schemes in the Catacombs  

EverQuest II
Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012
[scales] Trail of Schemes in the Catacombs (Solo)
Category: The City of Qeynos
To start:
You must be at least Level 80 to start this quest.


Daylia the Vigil sends you to investigate the catacombs below Qeynos.

  1. Investigate Kyle Bayle's plans within Vermin's Snye.
    • The most convenient entrance is the sewer grate at -70.81, -0.26, -109.64 in The Down Below.
    • Go up the stairs and down the upper tunnel.
  2. You'll be jumped by Bloodsabers in the bloodsaber area ( 33.97, -0.70, -192.30 ) . When you kill them you'll receive a Blood for Blood Ceremony Scroll.
  3. Return to Daylia. Discuss the scroll with her and Field Marshal Vishra.

A Fated Confrontation City of Qeynos
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Blood for Blood
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