eq2 quest:Stronger Than Death  

EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[92] Stronger Than Death (Solo)
Category: The Eidolon Jungle
To start:

Speak to Riishu Sulrel at -147, 14, 184 at the entrance camp in The Eidolon Jungle to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Lania Sulrel at -69, -8, 484
    • Lania may not be present until the quest Time to Study is completed. Need additional confirmation on this, please!
    • semi-confirmed: got quest ran to lania; wasn't there. Did time to study up to the point where I had to turn it in went to lania's position and she was present (maybe some bug, would suggest someone else pick up this quest then logout/leave eidolon jungle and come back to see if she is there)
    • not bugged, just too many people doing quest line. need to be the only one to hail Lania in order for her to show at 2nd location.
  2. Kill the lizardmen by her at -129, -0.47, 379
  3. Speak to Lania again.
  4. Return to Riishu to complete the quest.

Completing this quest will update the step to help Riishu for the signature quest, Shades of Drinal: The Shores of Everafter.


Choose one of the following:

Proper Direction Eidolon Jungle
Quest Series
Lightshadow Contingent
Shades of Drinal: The Shores of Everafter
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