eq2 item:a market bulletin board  

EverQuest II
a market bulletin board

This item can be placed in your house or guild hall.
House Item
When placed
When placed

This item may be placed on the wall of your home or guild hall to access the consignment market.

If you already own a market board, you may not see them for sale on a vendor.

The SOE data considers this a "vendor" (its the same reason the sales crates are missing), so we do not have merchant data for them. Bulletin boards are sold by Furniture merchants in all home cities. Confirmed locations as of January 2012:

  • Qeynos Harbor
    • Portis Bonham at 826, -23, 32 in the Siren's Song
    • Innkeeper Galsway at 815, -23, 54 in Fish's Alehouse and Inn.
    • Minda Broadfeet near The Clock Of Ak'Anon at 737, -21, -7
    • Thomas Bodley near The Clock Of Ak'Anon at 745, -21, -67
    • Harron Griswald at 947, -25, 11 in the Mermaid's Lure
    • Alissa Cleeway at 916, -25, 62 near the ship yard.

  • South Qeynos
    • Trevor Minturn at 584, -15, 183 in the Bag, Barrel, 'n' Bank

  • The City of Freeport
    • Vhishall in the bank at -93, -36, 61
    • Vibia Valens inside the Jade Tiger Den at -132, -21, -71

  • Timorous Deep
    • Thaldokli Riz'Dn at The Dragon's Anchor 2596, 86, 1326

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