eq2 item:Unlock Spell Upgrade  

EverQuest II
Unlock Spell Upgrade


EQ2 Extended Only
This item was only available on the Extended service. It was discontinued on 12/6/2011.

NOTE: With the October 7, 2014 patch, these can be sold for status.

These consumables come from unpacking a Spell Unlocker Pack, which is purchased from the Marketplace on Extended servers. Each pack has a total of 5 of these items and can each one be used to upgrade a single ability that would have normally been prevented from upgrading further due to account level restrictions.

  • A single Unlock Spell Upgrade will be consumed for each unlock.
  • The ability the unlock is used on can be upgraded fully to Master level regardless of account level.
  • This is for individual abilities, not lines of abilities. For example, if a player unlocks Traumatic Swipe IV and later wanted to upgrade Traumatic Swipe V, they would have to use a new unlocker.

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