ancient race  

The first civilized race of Vana'diel was said to have descended from the gods. This race was known as the Zilart.

The Zilart, which resembled Humes, ruled the world from their celestial capital of Al'taieu. Blessed with powers of magic and telepathy, the Zilart developed superior technology that long outlived their civilization. The Horutoto Ruins, the teleport craigs, Fei'yin and Delkfutt's Tower are among the remnants of the Zilart race.

The Zilart -- also referred to throughout history as "The Ancients" -- were also a religious people. Following the path of Altana, among the most revered of the Zilart was an elite group of women known as the Dawn Maidens. It was said this group carried out the biddings of the Goddess.

A second group of people, the Kuluu, emerged from children of the Zilart who were born without telepathic abilities. The Kuluu were viewed as outcasts and banished from the Zilart capital. Not without their own magical powers, the Kuluu invented what would later be known as summoning magic, calling forth the mysterious avatars of Vana'diel. In time, the Kuluu built cities and settled in the north lands and on the Mindartia continent, in the grasslands now known as Sarutabaruta.

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