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Overview of Yamato

Yamato is a part-time Dynamis Linkshell

Now, the emphasis here is on part time. Want to do end game but have a life? Yamato may be the linkshell just for you.

Summary of members

The members of Yamato are from all over the server -- a large chunk come from SOUII as well as NoSephiroth Dynamis. However, Yamato is independent of both linkshells, and no points for either overlap. We're a pretty friendly bunch, but this is a business linkshell first and foremost. After all, there's that whole 40-60 hour a work week thing many of us deal with . . .


  • Pravus (shell leader)
  • Ayashi
  • Daizon
  • Dekusutaa
  • Catwho
  • Yochipochi

Linkshell Rules

Rules are listed on our Forums site. http://www.catwho.net/yamato

Linkshell Events

We are a SKY/SEA/ZNM/Instanced NM shell.

Our runs are 4 PM PST/ 7 PM EST to 8pm PST/11pm EST Thursday & 8am PST/11am EST to 12 NOON PST/ 3pm EST on Sunday

How to Join

http://www.catwho.net/yamato sign up to forums and make a post under applications.

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