Warrior (DN)  

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Class: Warrior (DNASkills)

Equipment Lustre: Ruby
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This is a Base Class.

Warriors are built for fast-paced, close combat. They are quick and agile. They use this to chain together sequences of attacks, or combos, against their foes... whole rooms of their foes. With the spinning attacks and aggressive use of AE weapon skills the Warrior can wade through oceans of the enemy like Moses parting the Red Sea.

The warrior is very optimistic. He loves to keep his wits and blade very sharp. He comes across as an uncultured brute because he loves a good crude joke, but he is very clever and precise. His mother was killed by monsters and his father walked out on him when he was young. He has left on a quest to find out the truth and his lineage.


Warriors have very strong physical melee attacks. They are quick and agile to avoid foes as well as land quick blows. They can wield greatswords, axes, and hammers. They use their gauntlets to also land blows.


Warriors need strength to provide for harder hitting melee attacks. They also can use vitality to boost their HP and defense to make sure they don't get hit as hard.

Check out the Stats page to find out what each stat is used for.

Item Sets

The following sets share appearances. Magic and above can be improved through Crafting.

5 Vigilante
15 Veteran Mercenary
16 Orc
23PrairieMercenary Captain
24 SkeletonAncient
Elf Queen's
31 Knight
32 Troll
40 Ogre

Weapons and Armor

There are specific weapons and armor sets that you will want to build at certain level plateaus of your carreer. 5, 10, 15 and 20 all have groups of gear that you will want to upgrade to but the first set that you truly have to work to build will be the 24 Rare and Epic sets. Each piece of the set will start as a basic piece with some stats, but which powders and items you infuse into the armor decides what additional stats it acquires. See Crafting for more information on that.

The items listed under the set name are the magic items that you will need to upgrade a full set. It is different and specific for each piece of the set.Each set has five Greatswords, Axes and Hammers to choose from, each with different procs.

BTW, this ingredient list is not 100% accurate. Depending on which tuning you choose, some do not need anything but powders, while a rare few use a different item than all the others. Always check the recipe at the blacksmith for the item you want, to make sure you know what you need.

ArcherSharpshooter (Artillery, Sniper) • Acrobat (Tempest, Windwalker) • Hunter (Detonation, Ranger)
(kDN only) Academic • (Engineer)
ClericPaladin (Crusader, Guardian) • Priest (Inquisitor, Saint) • Monk (Champion, Impulse)
SorceressElementalist (Ice Witch, Pyromancer) • Mystic (Chaos Mage, War Mage) • Warlock (Illusionist, Mistress)
WarriorSwordsman (Gladiator, Marauder) • Mercenary (Barbarian, Destroyer) • Avenger (Abyss Walker, Dark Knight)
TinkererAlchemist (Adept, Physician) • Engineer (Gearmaster, Shooting Star)

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