Warder (CoS Class)  

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City of Steam

The Warder is an enduring warrior that specializes in melee combat, defensive techniques, and summoning ancient allies.

The first Warders were legendary warrior-kings forged in the fires of the Cataclysm. When earthquakes tore great chasms in the Mechanism and horrors now lost to history surged forth, the Warders emerged not only to fight these beasts themselves, but to inspire those around them to take up arms in the common defense. While not every modern Warder is as selfless as their mythic forebears, they are seldom found without anyone to protect. They are knights, bodyguards, generals – even bouncers, albeit expensive ones.

Warders are masters of fighting with 1h Blade and Shield, dual-wielding two 1h Blades, or the great 2h Blade.

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The Warder has a choice of any of three different armor types: Leather, Meshed, or Plate,


see Talents


  1. Standard Attack: auto-attack
  2. Spiral Slice: Melee-range AoE
  3. Warder's Shout: PBAoE with Stun (Duration: 1.25 seconds).
  4. Unlocked at level 5:
    • Defensive Strike: Low-damage attack that increases the Warder's Armor for 5 seconds.
    • Crescent Slash: Medium-damage attack. Looks real good (just in case the ladies are watching)
    • Cleaving Blow: High-damage attack and small AoE
  5. Unlocked at level 8:
    • Demolishing Dive: AE
    • Magnetic Blade: Pull the target to you (within 15 meters) with light damage
    • Wolf Rush: Ground-targeted line-strike half-second stun with light damage
  6. Unlocked at level 12:
    • Siphoning Strike:
    • Hobbling Cut: Strong attack that slows target for 5 seconds (assuming he survives it)
    • Blade Maw:
  7. Unlocked at level 17:
    • Concussive Bash:
    • Valorous Charge: AE Warder and Allies buff, Speed (Attack and Movement?)
    • Leaping Smash: AE Warder and Allies buff, Damage Bonus
  8. Unlocked at level 23:
    • Sanctuary:
    • Ruinous Onslaught:
    • 'Revolution:'''

Warning: levels may not be correct, but the ability names are

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