WAR Career:Swordmaster  

Alliance Order / High Elves / Shining Guard
Race High Elf
Gender Either
Archetype Tank
Specialties None
  • Heavily armored with intricately tooled heavy armor layered over supple scale mail.
  • Wears tall elegant helms simply adorned with long flowing manes.
  • Wields the Great Sword of Hoeth, a long and elegant blade containing powerful enchantments.

Lore and Description
The warrior scholars of Hoeth are first and foremost masters of the blade, and are capable of weaving a wall of impenetrable steel with either a greatsword or longsword. This is achieved through rigorous training to master both body and mind. Each flowing form requires agility and balance. As the Swordmaster moves through forms, balancing each maneuver with the next, he creates a graceful yet deadly dance. However, the blade is not the only tool at the Swordmasters disposal. Trained by the loremasters of Hoeth, the Swordmaster is also capable of calling upon the winds of magic to enhance his blade, bringing powerful magics to bear where simple steel will not suffice.

Actions Morale Tactics
For the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for this career, see High Elf, Swordmaster.


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The Swordmaster fights with magical enchantments to bolster the strength of his attacks and is a deadly front-line warrior. Surprisingly agile with his finely-crafted Elven Greatsword, the Swordmaster is the vanguard of any High Elf army.

The Swordmaster strings together short chains of attacks in a graceful Blade Dancing. With each swing of his weapon he steps into a more balanced fighting position, which allows him to use more powerful attacks, which then increase his balance even further.

Swordmaster Masteries

Path Of Khaine

The Path Of Khaine focuses on the Swordmaster's signature Elven Greatsword, a massive but exquisite weapon which he can swing with deceptive speed. While no High Elf would ever worship the God of Warfare, a Master of this path acknowledges Khaine as a potent and necessary figure, and the Swordmaster brings swift death to any who stand in his way.

Path Of Vaul

The Path Of Vaul is primarily focused on defense, and a Master of this path may very well be temped to lay aside his Greatsword in favor of an elegant Elf-crafted shield instead. The Swordmaster who specializes in this path will be the core that the lines of battle form around.

Path Of Hoeth

The Path Of Hoeth is for Swordmasters who have spent much longer amounts of time in the White Tower, honing their innate magical skills and learning how to smoothly work magical power into their attacks. A Master of this path will learn subtle ways to both expose weaknesses in their foes, and to shield themselves in battle.

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