WAR Career:Knight of the Blazing Sun  

Alliance Order / Empire / Order of the Griffon
Race Human
Gender Either
Archetype Tank
Specialties Swords, Shields, Armour
Appearance These knights are covered in richly detailed gold and bronze armour. They are also known for their elaborate helms.
Lore and Description
"The Hammer is not the answer to every Military problem, for even the mightiest of hammers will miss its mark if the opponent is wise enough not to wait around to be crushed."

- Commander Erik Halverson, Templar of Myrmidia

The Knights of the Blazing Sun have a long and proud history. Founded on mysterious events in Estalia, the Knights of the Blazing Sun are now one of the most famous orders of templars in the Empire. True knights in every respect, these noble warriors fight their foes with courage, honour and steel. Heavy plate, shields and swords are all used to great effect by these noble knights.

As members of an Empire Knightly Order, the Knights of the Blazing Sun are bound to protect the Empire's citizens as well as taking the fight to her enemies. The Knights of the Blazing sun are an example to be followed; they are fiercely loyal to their patron deity, Myrmidia, their Emperor, Karl Franz, and the Empire. Due to their elaborate armour and striking colours, the Knights of the Blazing Sun are rarely missed on the battlefield. The sight of their bronze and gold amour reflecting in the sunlight during a dawn charge has brought tears to the eyes of many men.

Actions Morale Tactics
For the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for this career, see Empire, Knight of the Blazing Sun.

This Career will be reintroduced with the Heavy Metal Live Event, running from November 17th to December 1st.

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