WAR Career:Chosen  

Alliance Destruction / Chaos / The Raven Host
Race Barbarian
Gender Male
Archetype Tank
Specialties Armour, Aura's, Weapons
Appearance A massive, intimidating human in ornate armour. They are often afflicted with mutations and carry gruesome, daemonic melee weapons.
Lore and Description
Put simply, the Chosen of the Chaos gods are amongst the most deadly men alive. Often of Norscan or Kurgan stock, they are massive warriors bred for battle, raiding and hardship. This combined with the gifts of the Chaos gods make them nigh unstoppable. There are few who have faced the Chosen of Chaos and lived to tell the tale. Often those that do will not speak of such things or are locked away in the Imperial asylums due to their wretched, dribbling state of traumatized madness.

As befits their name, the Chosen are the elite of the Chaos forces and they are on the path to immortality or damnation. It is they who can ascend to daemonhood, or plummet into the oblivion of the Chaos spawn. It is the path of the Chosen to which all mortal followers of Chaos aspire. It is the Chosen who lead the armies of the north and it is from their ranks that the mightiest of Chaos warlords arise. It is the Chosen who pose the greatest threat to Emperor Karl Franz; their armies have caused untold damage to the lands and people of the Empire.

Actions Morale Tactics
For the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for this career, see Chaos, Chosen.


The Chosen have been blessed by Tzeentch with several dark gifts, powers of Chaos which they can grasp and pull into this world through their very bodies. These powers pour forth from within their massive armor, and spill out as profane auras. In additional to causing an immediate effect when they first burst out from the Chosen's grasp, these lingering effects will continue to empower the player for several moments, allowing them to unleash melee attacks fueled by the unholy power of Tzeentch himself.


Path of Strife

    The Path of Strife is focused on directly and brutally crushing your foes. A master of Strife will be likely to favor a Greatweapon instead of a shield, greatly increasing their offensive power at the cost of sacrificing the protections that a shield would otherwise offer. They will be easily capable of picking up a shield when the situation calls for it...but they won't be happy about it.

Path of Retaliation

    The Path of Retaliation is a cunning Mastery for those who prefer to outlast their enemies, letting their foes beat in futility on a massive shield until they're exhausted, and then crushing them with deliberate and vicious attacks. A specialist in Retaliation will be the person who defines where the lines of battle will be drawn, since they -are- the front lines.

Path of Discord

    The Path of Discord is one that delves more deeply into Tzeentch's gifts, and masters of Discord more fully understand how to manipulate the Chaos forces that swirl within them. They can unleash blasts of magical power, or twist the magical energies to unnaturally enhance their melee attacks. Their understanding of the nature of magic is still relatively shallow, however, and they can not hope to approach the skill or power of a true magus, but even their brief flashes of otherworldly energy are enough to empower them as potent melee combatants.

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