Our Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Addon and uploader is called WarReader. Once you download and install this addon, it automatically collects item, npc and quest information from your play session. WarReader will automatically update itself if needed when it launches.

Download WarReader Here

Q: What is WarReader and how do I get it?

A: WarReader is the tool Allakhazam.com uses to keep its wikibase up to date. Without WarReader and the community of people who use it, we would not be able to provide you with this useful site. It consists of a standard Warhammer Online Addon no different than the probably half dozen you already have installed, with an additional application which is used to parse and upload the information that the UI Addon gathers after you leave the game. While you play, the addon gathers information about everything you see within the game and then, after you log out of the game, uploads that information directly to our site to be added to our database.

Q: How do I submit items, mobs and/or quests?

A: Download WarReader, install it, and run it. Then go play WAR. That's really all there is to it. WarReader will run in the background with no additional load to your computer.

Q: I am having problems with WarReader, what do I do?

A: Access our message board thread devoted to WarReader located at this link and post your problem. You can also send an e-mail to Rale@allakhazam.com. In your e-mail please include any errors you are experiencing and on what days.

Q: Will WarReader eat my bandwidth? Will it be a drain on my processor?

A: WarReader does not send any information to Allakhazam until you exit Warhammer, so it will not affect your bandwidth during gameplay. Also, WARReader is just a UI Mod, same as any other UI mod. Its needs are already built into the UI engine and it does not place any additional strain on your system to run it.

Q: Will I get banned from WAR if I use WarReader? Isn't it considered third party software?

A: WarReader isn't third party software, it is considered a LUA UI addon.

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