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June 2008 Player of the Month


Real Name: ES

Age: Early 20s

Character Name: Vrytreya

Character Race: Mithra

Character Job(s): RNG75 BLU75 SAM75

Nation: San d'Oria

Rank: 10

Server: Pandemonium

Hobbies: Browsing around, FFXI, Watching/reading Anime & Manga, playing doujin game.


Besides Final Fantasy XI, what other MMORPGs have you played and how do they compare to Final Fantasy XI?

Ragnarok Online. FFXI has less broken things compared to it. (it's true, at least 4~5 years ago)

How did you find out about Final Fantasy XI, and when did you begin playing?

A few of my friends played since NA release. Since I didn't have time to play by that time, I waited till my relaxing summer semester came. I think it was 1st week of May 2004.

Do you know anyone in real life who plays Final Fantasy XI?

3~4 of my friends were playing in Pandemonium when I started to play. But now only 1 left.

How did you come up with your main character's name?

I wanted to have a character with starting letter 'V'. The rest of the letters are just random guessing.

What is your favorite job and why?

I like all my 3 75s equally. They are different from each other and useful for different situations. If my inventory, gil, and time permited, I'd probably level another completely different job to 75.

Which forum(s) do you frequent the most?

General, RNG, SAM, BLU, DNC, FFXI Feedback, Pandemonium Server. Sometimes I go check endgame forum.

About how often do you play Final Fantasy XI and how long is a typical playing session for you?

Since I mostly do Limbus and Salvage only, it's ~2 hours of playing + waiting overhead(which can take up to 2 hours when someone decided not to be ready on time).

How do you spend your time in game?

Limbus and Salvage only most of the time with occasional AFK and mining.

Do you craft? If so, what are your skill levels?

Smithing 90+3 with all relevant sub leveled to 60 (except Gold (50) and Bonecraft (8)) and Cooking 40 (just for melon juice). I think I have 14 fishing too, I don't remember.

Approximately how much of Vana'diel have you experienced?

  • Camping ground kings (did it only a few times long time ago)
  • Doing sky until bored (yet only got 2 items from sky by the time I quit it)
  • Limbus
  • Salvage
  • Completion on majority of missions (see below)
  • Merit grinding (It gets boring pretty fast now; hence I prefer fast merit PT)

What is your favorite expansion?

I like all of them in general, as each of them added some good contents that I can/did enjoy. But my biased answer says I like Chains of Promathia. It has good hard missions(in a good way), good storyline, good rewards. Once you finished it, there's great sense of accomplishment.

What is your least favorite expansion?

Like I stated before, each expansion has its own pro/cons. so I can't really say which is the least favourite one if each of them has its bad side.

How far have you progressed in missions?

  • San d'Oria rank 10. I didn't bother to change nation because I like my complete OP warp
  • Finished Apocalypse Nigh (means RoZ and CoP completed too)
  • Captain rank (except completion of Nyzule Isle floor 20,40, etc)
  • Latest WotG missions
  • Highest campaign rank. But I didn't do much new campaign ops since last update

What is your favorite zone?

  • Manaclipper Bibiki Bay <-> Purgonorgo Isle and
  • Witchfire Glen at night

Who is your NPC hero and why?

Elivira...Annihilator + Unlimited WS spam

If Shantotto was your mom, give a good excuse for coming home 6 hours after curfew.

"Aren't you glad I am still coming back?"

Describe your most memorable moment or proudest accomplishment in game.

Sticking with my CoP static from 5-3 till the end. We lose a lot of exp and spent a lot of money. I thought it may break in the middle. But I'm glad we made it through.

What is the largest amount of gil you have ever had at one time, and how did you go about accumulating it?

4m~5m on 2004. I got it from logging on Ghelsba almost everyday (target was 100k/day). I was after Eurytos' Bow at that time, but the price got hijacked when I was 1m short to it. :(

What are some things you would change or implement in order to improve Final Fantasy XI?

  • Removing all the unncessary delay from animation (menu animation), dbox, AH, etc.
  • Change the map so it can be displayed on-screen

If you were stranded on Purgonorgo Isle what 5 items would you most want to have with you?

  • Shaded Spectacles
  • Lu Shang's fishing rod
  • some baits
  • Linkshells
  • Scroll of Instant Warp

How do you describe Final Fantasy XI to your coworkers or computer-illiterate friends?

It's the game where people waste your time before you even try to waste your time.

What is next for you in the world of Final Fantasy XI?

Completing Homam set for my BLU Completing Usukane set for my SAM

Final Fantasy XI

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