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The Fantastical Mechanical Travails of Victoria Finn: An Arabesque in Six Parts

Victoria Finn, teen genius and renowned gunsmithy, is a 16 year old girl living in the industrious nation of Wexumberland where she dreams of building her own mercenary company and marrying her rakishly idle fiancée Damian Smythe-Carborough. What she doesn't know is that she is about to become the war-torn continent of Nova Europa's last hope against the sinister machinations of rival warmonger and weapons-manufacturer Lord Windham Sinister. When Lord Sinister kidnaps Damian in an attempt to keep Victoria out of the industry, she embarks on a quest to rescue her kidnapped love and take her revenge on his kidnapper. During her travels she will play the various nations and kingdoms of Nova Europa off against one another in a mad dash for supremacy. Will she aide the frivolous Republic of Jehanne'Amer, the warlike Reikblitz Protectorate, the religious Brava Rostulo States, or the vaunted, decaying Vauxmacht-Cherbourgian Empire?

As her mercenary band grows, deciding the fates of nations and their colonies, she uncovers the dark truth behind Lord Sinister's machinations and fights to save the world from his brass and mahogany fists.



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