Vehicles (TOR)  

Star Wars:
The Old Republic


Before you can pilot any vehicle you must first purchase the piloting skill from your Class Trainer.

  • Rank 1: Level 25 and 40,000
  • Rank 2: Level 40 and 210,000
  • Rank 3: Level 50 and 330,000

All vehicles are Bind-on-Pickup, including the Cybertech-crafted ones.

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Republic Fleet

From Barik in the northeast quadrant of Carrick Station.

From Tamin, the Security Key Vendor From Mira, the Light Side Vendor From Vindir, the Dark Side Vendor From Nehimmo, the VIP Goods Vendor


On the Taxi platform in Mos Ila or Anchorhead.


On the Taxi platform in front of Thul Palace or House Organa.


On the Taxi platform at Republic Operational Headquarters or ?.

Hereafel or Maneros


Honest Nuen in Voss-Ka Alien Enclave Market. All speeders 110% speed increase.


Captain Ullesin or Sergeant Talgo in the Republic Base Camp.

90% Movement speed increase

requires Pilot (Rank 1) and Level 25

Custom-Built Hoverbike8,000
or Crafted by Cybertech (150)
Czerka Cruiser8,000
Czerka Patroller8,000
Lhosan Racer8,000 - 8,250
Longspur Scout8,000
Longspur STAPDeluxe and Collector's Edition Reward
Rendili Protector8,000
Rendili Watchman8,000
Requisitioned SpeederSteal an unattended bike (Nar Shaddaa)
Ubrikkian Striker8,000

100% Movement speed increase

requires Pilot (Rank 2) and Level 40

Aratech Dagger55,000
Custom-Built SpeederbikeCrafted by Cybertech (300)
Czerka Invader25,000
Gurian Hammer25,000
Gurian Scorpion25,000
Lhosan Duster25,000
Longspur Recon25,000
Lhosan Racer25,000
Rendili Outrider25,000
Ubrikkian Hunter25,000

110% Movement speed increase

requires Pilot (Rank 3) and Level 50

Aratech Lancer55,000
Aratech Scythe55,000
Exchange Bandit1,500,000
Gurian Cyclone55,000
Gurian Shadow55,000
Korrealis Commander1,500,000
Lhosan Stinger55,000
Lhosan Thunderbolt200 Daily Commendations
Lhosan Torch55,000
Longspur Blaze55,000 or 200 Daily Commendations
Longspur Recon25,000
Praxon Aero99,000
Praxon Strato99,000
Praxon Xeno99,000
Tirsa Prime1,500,000
Rendili Fireball55,000
Ubrikkian Raider55,000

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