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About Me

FFXI Experience

I beta tested FFXI for Square for the Playstation 2. They sent me a hard drive for my PS2 and a copy of the game, and this was my first MMO experience. After release, it took me until earlier 2009 to finally hit 75 on my first and favorite job, White Mage. I also love to fish in the game, I have the Lu Shang rod, and am currently level 96. Since I've become an admin, I've decided to reactivate my account and try for level 100 and the Ebisu rod.

FFXIV Experience

If you know me at all on these forums, you'll know that I am into the fishing profession in a big way for Final Fantasy XIV. I was actually also a fisher in Final Fantasy XI (see above).

I was one of the lucky ones to get a beta code for the third phase of the beta, so naturally I gave fishing a shot. Apparently I was more successful than most judging from the comments I have heard, and so I thought I would write up a post about how I fish, what my theories are as to how it works, and what I think the mechanics of the game are in this regard.

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