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In 1972, Kyrin came into the real world, but it wasn't until 2004 that she came into ours.

While many may not understand the connections one makes over the Internet, they are no less strong. She became a part of our community. She became known for her strong opinions, her kindness to her friends, and her humor on the forums here. When she joined the World of Warcraft community, she became respected for her opinions of the roles she chose in the game.

As time has passed, she had become a part of our daily lives. Her personality drew people to her on these forums. Many who knew little of her wanted to know more. She was never shy to engage new people. She was full of life, and truly enjoyable to spend time with, even when you were at odds with her. She truly lived by her motto, "It's better to be hated for what you are then to be liked for what you are not."

It's at times like these that we consider how we affect one another in this life. In her short 36 years on this world, Kyrin touched so many lives both in her real world existence, as well as in her virtual one. We often will wonder where a player has gone, what a person who used to post often has moved onto when we no longer see them. When we learn that such a bright star has been tragically extinguished, we feel the loss as though one our own family has been taken. We are all greatly honored to have shared in her life, to have made her smile and laugh, and have her do the same for us. We take solace that, as long as this site exists, she will never truly be gone. Her words will live on for as long as this place exists.

For all who visit this memorial to a loved one lost, please take a moment and remember the spirit, the life, the fire in our world that was Kyrin. May she find eternal peace in what lies beyond this life.

Character Information

We list this information because all gamers have more than one character/identity. If you know of one we missed that is relevant, please let us know. We are only listing the higher characters.


Tyrigosa SMN 75, SCH 61, RDM 37, WHM 37 on Pandemonium


Grianne Level 80 Blood Elf Mage on Drenden <The Danger Zone>
Lisette Level 60 Blood Elf Death Knight on Drenden <Dead of Winter>
Pyrolexia Level 80 Blood Elf Mage on Exodar


Many have left their thoughts and comments on various threads throughout the site, here, we list them alphabetically. (They have been edited, perhaps shortened, and typographical errors fixed.)


This is very sad. I haven't been a member of these boards for very long, so never got to know her. I've read so many of her posts though and she seemed to be a wonderful person. I will be thinking of Kyrin and her family.


Thanks to everyone for all the help and support. Those of us who knew Kyrin outside of these boards and Final Fantasy XI very much appreciate everything that everyone on here has said and done.

Kyrin and I were close friends, had even dated for a while. We'd even had our characters "married" when she was still on the Cerberus server. I agree with the above quote completely... When she was mad, Kyrin just wouldn't talk to you. I couldn't figure out what I had done to set her off, now I wish she had just been angry...

I'll always miss her. I would have posted here earlier but I've spent the last couple of days stewing over it and am just finally back to work. I will miss her sense of humor, and miss the time we spent watching Doctor Who or talking about movies or books. She was reading The Dark Is Rising books by Susan Cooper at my recommendation, and there were parts I was looking forward so much to hear what she'd thought.


Wow. That's sad. She seemed like a lovely woman and was a fun and lively member of this forum. :/ So young.

I feel kind of numb. It doesn't quite feel real. She was just here, joking around with everyone. :(


Rest in peace Kyrin,

take the final portal home.


Wow, that's really awful.

I never talked much with Kyrin directly, but I do recognize her. My sincere condolences go out to her friends and family.


<3 Kyrin, rest in peace.

My prayers are with your family. Going to miss you Kyrin


It's so strange to think that Kyrin is dead. I was only just getting to know her as a poster. She was lively and fun to have around.


She was cute, and funny. It's a shame we didn't all get to know her better, she was here far too briefly.


My thoughts go out to her family, though I never talked to her I've been here long enough to know who she was.

It's always such a tragedy when these things happen. A sad day for the OOT. :/


Hi, I am Kyrin's friend and the one who Greenjade was talking to in that ss and can confirm this to be true, as sad as it is. Wish this wasn't true but unfortunately it is :(

She was a wonderful person and will be truly missed RIP

Thank you for starting this remembrance thread, Im sure she is up there watching down on us posting in it



Lovely sense of humor, too.

/miss Kyrin


First of all, my condolences go out to the family. Tragedy should never strike someone so young. After that, I can say to any of her friends or family that come to read this thread that she was an interesting poster, and always had a good attitude.


She seemed like a really cool person. I would have been proud to have her as a friend. My condolences to her family.


Very sad situation. There's a picture of her in her images, but I don't know whether it'd be appropriate to post it or not.


Man that really bites...I hope those who knew Kyrin find peace in this time of tragic loss.

She's in a better place now. Rest in peace Kyrin...



Wow. I think... given the choice, I'd rather have anyone I know die of some long-term illness than something as sudden and unexpected as an auto accident. There's no time to say goodbye.


She was a classy dame around these parts. I will miss her presence.


My condolences to her family and friends for the pain they must feel. A bunch of posters on a message board may not mean much to them, but it was obvious how much she meant to many on here.


How upsetting :( She was sweet and funny, I enjoyed reading her posts.


Ugh, this is horrible.. I only knew her casually on these boards, though I think she had recently transferred to my server.. She seemed nice and fun to be around, this news is pretty shocking and horrific ~.~;;

Seeing that picture got me rather emotional, I was pretty flattered when she used that avatar; definitely fit her better than me =/

Just awful for this to happen, she seemed like a nice person and very fun to be around.. She recently transferred to my server, sad that I'll never get to see her in-game


Sorry to hear that a great person has gone. I really didn't know her that well but her post was very informative. Its always a sad thing when such a great person is taken away from us either in RL or even a gaming community. She will be missed. And thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.


Oh wow...


Wow. When someone dies in real life, it's a visceral depression of mourning. When they die and you only knew them online, there's almost a feeling of disbelief. You can't wrap your mind around the fact that the body that was behind the cute Lisette avatar is no longer living and breathing and is no longer going to make funny posts in your threads.


Rest in peace Kyrin :(

You sounded like a very nice and sweet lady.


Holy crap I played with her

I'm so sorry, my condolences to her family and she will be very missed, both in game and on the boards.

I'm upset... It's a strange thing to think about. We chatted on FFXI now and then.

I never thought that losing someone you only lightly knew through text could be such an emotional experience, but it really makes me sad. I knew her through the OoT and I was so excited because she was the first OoTer from Cerberus (As far as I knew) and had a lot of fun conversing with her in game. Now it just makes me sad I never got the chance to know her better, or anything. RIP...

I never thought losing someone online would be so sad.


While I will admit to not being her biggest fan for numerous reasons, this isn't something I would ever have wished on her. My condolences to her family and friends (irl and in game). I would much rather have more chances to sit and argue with her then have this happen.

...somehow my motto of "when all else fails blame Tita" doesn't seem to fit right now.


A loss of life is always a tragedy. My thoughts and well wishes go out to the family in this hard time.


Rest in peace Kyrin.

I'll remember you as the cute poster who put up an impromptu picture to shut an idiot up about girl gamers being rare/ugly. You always had a nice comeback or a kidding remark, and your presence on the WoW General forum will be sorely missed.

My heart and thoughts go to her family and her friends, online and off.


This is terrible..


Someone posted it, I verified it. You know how some people like to play jokes and crap, so I wasn't going to let this alone until I knew one way or the other, and now I am very sad at what I discovered. Kao has been trying to console me.


My condolences to her family through this hard time. I don't post much, but I do lurk a lot. So seeing someone going from posting to not posting and learning about what happened, especially something like this. It's sad.


My condolences to their friends and family. ''' Digidude''' I met her in game a few weeks ago when I came back... Didn't even know that til someone told me her character name was Tyrigosa...

She was one of the nicest people I've met on FFXI (and I'm not just saying that).

She will be missed tremendously.


I am truly sorry for your loss.


Oh sh*t, dude. My heart goes out to their family.


I saw DF's facebook status this morning and was floored.

My thoughts go out to her friends and family.


My most heartfelt condolences go out to all that knew her well. I, unfortunately did not interact with her directly but I certainly recognize the avatar and will miss reading her posts.

I know words can only say so much but I hope that those who are grieving over her passing will know that we all are thinking about them and her.


I've had an Aunt and a Grandpa die in my family, and I can honestly relate to the pain and anguish that her friends and family must be going through right now. My heart and condolences go to them all :(


Rest In peace Kyrin , you will be greatly missed :(


That's terrible!


My condolences to her family and friends, May you rest in peace kyrin.


only posted with her a few times, but she seemed really cool, especially when she could put lemmi in his place about boob pictures :( my prayers are with her family :(


This land we all gather in, Van a Diel is huge - albeit a virtual one; these forums are connected; and just another avenue to express our game experiences, good bad or indifferent.

However it is times like this that the lines between reality and virtuality draw very close and we come together as a gaming community.

I did not know Kyrin; but I am saddened by this news. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family. /bow


D: I remember seeing some of this person's posts very recently. This is quite a shock.


Kyrin, known to us as Lisette and or Pyro is a terrible lose. Not as a guildie but as a friend. I will miss you H

Your friend, the old fart.


But I'm sorry to inform everyone that Kyrin passed away this weekend.

She was a good friend and will be missed greatly... She was a good friend to me and I'll miss her greatly. She left behind lots of friends that'll miss her too. We'll offer up our prayers to her and her family. To those that assumed it was a joke, I'm sorry that you would think that. She was a really good friend to me and even though she and I stopped talking after she had left ElectricMayhem I've always considered her my friend. I remember reading an article on what happens when someone you know online dies and they just disappear forever and no one knows what happened. I figured she deserved better then just being turned into a "What ever happened to Kyrin?" topics and people posting bogus stories.

"It's better to be hated for what you are then to be liked for what you are not." Is what is in her signature. And while yes she had a habit of rubbing people the wrong way. But she was a good person. And a lot of people enjoyed conversations with her.

And while looking through my board I found her picture she posted in our RL thread and tears well up in my eyes and I remember how we'd talk about everything. She was with me when I went though a horrible break up and if it wasn't for her and a few of my close friends I probably wouldn't have found the person I'm happy with now. She'd tell me how End Game events were like, and I remembered one morning I woke up early and to go with her to Aery to watch KoN camp Faf and how I died because we were making jokes on how my sense of direction was horrible, and I aggroed something just right outside of the zone. And how she helped out my best friend with her Bard gear and took her under her wing. And it made me happy when my friends were all friends with each other. I was also one of her Bride's Maids when she and Snax got married in Hall of Gods. I don't have those screen shots anymore...but I did find just one of her from the time my LS did KSNM99's. (

Sorry for the wall of text. It still is having a major effect on me and I've been in tears all day.


Very sad to see someone so young leave us.

Thoughts are with the family.


Kyrin was just waiting to find me on Panda. We never seemed to be on the same schedule.

Con is quite upset. He grasps that we are not just a collection of people, but a community. He is also sensitive and caring. Empathy beyond his years.

I lift her name in song. She has touched many.

A bittersweet moment. We thank her parents for gifting her to every life she has touched. And now we return her humbly, grateful for the gift we all shared.

Thank you. God Bless, ~Bun


tis a sad sad day for both the OOT and the WoW community.

This is a sad sad day indeed i enjoyed kyrins posting style and general attitude towards life she will be greatly missed. I posted a link to this post on the WoW general forum so people can come and pay their respects.


She was a really nice poster. This news is horrible and i feel for her family


My condolences to her friends and family.


I was always afraid this might happen to someone or another, and I do actually feel bad.

How did you find this information out?

It's depressing to know that if I died there would have to be many citations before people actually believed it.


Kyrin was a good poster. I liked her and her humor around on the boards, she will be missed.



I got the news from my wife when I was at work. She called and I was just floored by the news. We have been long-time viewers of Alla, but recent posters, and we much enjoyed Kyrin. I even made a Mage a few months ago because she seemed to have so much fun playing one I wanted to try it out. It's a shame and my heart goes out to all of her family and friends and anyone who knew her on the MMOs she played.

I also wish Darqflame well. It must have been hard to find out the news yourself and we are very grateful. It's comforting to know that the Admins do care about us and will go out of their way to find the truth.


Some of us spend our time here as a form of escape from our RL lives, or a way to alleviate the stress provided by it. To them this goes as a sad lesson that we can never truly escape it. What happens in people's real lives, effects a gaming community just as well, and many of us will feel the loss just as keenly as a real life friend or relative.

The full original name of my character says this plainly.

Hyrist Verus, derived from the latin sentence Hic est verus: This is real.(proper, right).

Keeping all this in mind, it is my personal perspective that instead of an escape, MMOs and online communities in general are a great opportunity, a medium to share our lives with many others which we couldn't before. Seeing the reaction in these boards and knowing they are heartfelt shows to me that Kyrin succeeded in touching so many lives through something that is initially seen as something simple as a video game.

My only regret is that I didn't get the opportunity to know Kyrin more while she was still here with us.

My condolences to the family, friends, and community that knew her. And a solemn toast to Kyrin, who's embarked on an adventure that can never be mapped out on a wikibase.


Wait, what?

This will seem cold-hearted, but all things have to happen, some way or another.

I, for one, am glad we know what really happened instead of wondering forever.

It doesn't means that I won't be missing Kyrin, she was funny and adorable.


I can also second this. In February I lost my best friend, who had a terminal illness, although at the moment it was under control. He was very healthy at the time, but he got mugged and shot in the head.

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for the sudden loss of a loved one. I believe, in his case, he would've preferred dying if not from the disease, at the very least older (he was 22). To this day, there is no answer to our questions. Just a never ending numbing feeling.

In my mind, i had been preparing and accepting the fact that someday, he would probably die and I'd have to deal with it... but to lose him like that. Its very tough.

I'm so sorry about this death. A big taru hug to everyone who's mourning.

Just yesterday I was telling the friends on my linkshell, how I'd completely freak out if anything happened to them. I've come to love my online buddies as I do my RL friends, hell we spend so much time together.

This is so sad. My sincere condolences to the friends.


I don't know if this is a proper tribute or respect or anything but I felt like sharing.

I made this during last year's Summerfest:

I guess I'll always have something to remember the good times when we were still friends. :'(


May those who are affected by this find the closure and solace they need.


Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this :(


I wasn't her biggest fan, nor was I close enough to her that we talked back to back, but I've seen her around here enough to know that she was a cool person that this loss still affect me. For it to end so sudden like that, it makes me want to be closer to my loved ones to ensure their safety. My condolences to her family and friends, and to the Allakhazamers who knew her well than I do (that sucks Codyy ).


wow, that's just depressing


Well.... damn. I won't pretend I knew her well but I liked having her around. Damn shame.


Wow, 36. Life can be cruel, but I'm glad for the time she spent with us. It seems she touched more lives than she knew. My thoughts go out to all her family and friends in the hopes that peace finds their hearts and minds.


Yes, unfortunately. The funeral service has already occurred, we are trying to find out if there is anything the family would like us to do to remember Kyrin, I will post more details along that line if I hear more.

This hits us hard. Over the years, we see posters come and go. Sometimes we are hard on you, sometimes we seem like we don't interact with you as much as we sometimes should, but each one of you affects us in some way. There are people in the past who abruptly stop posting, and we are left wondering what happened. This is the first one in 10 years where this has come up as reality. I can honestly say this is one of the days I have long dreaded.

Darqflame is taking this very hard, as she is a very empathic person. The rest of us are too. It's not something we ever wanted to deal with. I hope it is the last such message I ever post here.


I think everything I'd like to say has been said already. Everything tactful, anyways.

Also, my best wishes to the admins here. I used to be together with an admin of a site where about 20% of the regulars died in the two years we were together.

It's always hard to deal with and hard to tell the community. I hope you will not be scarred to badly by this. ''' Kappachan'''

I remember the avatar, but I didn't know the person very well. :( My condolences to her family and friends.


This forum gives you quite a thick skin but even though I didn't know Kyrin, I feel sad hearing what's happened.


For real? I'm too drunk too really comprehend this, is this for real?

wow I will have more to say tomorrow. ... I'm watching my friends play another game to try and get over how sad this is.

I wish I could offer you words of comfort, but I have none for myself either.


My gosh...I can't even imagine what her friends and family are going through..She always posted such nice, helpful stuff...

I'm not sure what to call this feeling...

It's...scared...but..really sad too even though I don't think I so much as spoken directly to her...but on these forums it's almost as if we're all in a room talking together, some listening more than talking...My gosh...

To any of her friends and family reading this, I am truly...DEEPLY sorry for your loss, I feel for you and I hope you're all okay. Our hearts go out to you.

I know the feeling...I don't think I've ever taken something this's just to real...

I'm so sorry to everyone close to her especially her friends and family. To those close to her please know that even those who barely knew her are taking this hard as well. She was a brilliant person.


I am very saddened by this. I didn't know her very well, and she didn't seem to be around long, but she definitely seemed worthwhile.

Me neither. It has been on my mind all day. The thought of her dying a horrible bloody death puts a pit in my stomach. More so, I wonder sometimes if there could have been something I could have done, maybe make a long post on here that she could have read that might have stalled her a few more seconds and changed the course of that day, perhaps harmlessly passing by whatever caused the accident (probably a piece of sh*t drunk driver) rather than connecting with it.


I'll admit, I didn't know her very well. We met only a month or two ago on the multi-game forum, but she seems like a pretty nice person when I read her posts. I hope her family will be able to cope with this...


I recognize the avatar but can't say to much of the person. Best of luck to the friends and family in this difficult time.:/


This really sucks. I didn't know her well since she had just moved to Pandy, but I was starting to get to know her and she was growing on me as a poster in the same thread that the news was broken to us. It's kind of surreal seeing how lively she was in that thread denying me boobs, and then just all of a sudden she's gone.

To all of her family and friends, my condolences go out to you.


I really, really hope this is some kind of sick joke, because if not, I don't know what to... anything... I'm lost for words. To put it mildly.

I can't believe this has happened. I hardly knew her but it's so weird... feels like I've lost a member of my family. I really liked her. RIP, Kyrin.

We never really got to know each other well, since she'd just moved to Pandy... but she was fun on the server forum.

This is a real shock, and my entire body's gone numb. I just hope it was quick and painless... I hope she didn't suffer. RIP.


Was really hoping this wasn't the same person but unfortunately i was proven wrong. I give my thoughts and prayers to her family/friends. Tis truely a sad sad da I seen her on the Pandy forum and in game a few times though i never got to talk to her. This all just seems so surreal and i was very shocked to see the post while just browsing through. I give my thoughts and prayers to her family/friends and can only hope she is in a better place now.


Can't say much, didn't interact with her much. My condolences to her family, for what its worth. ''' Lucinus'''

Condolences to all who knew her.


I could never have expected something like this

My thoughts go to her family at this time


Didn't know her, but I still offer my condolences.

I wish her friends and family the best.


I guess a limerick in a song that is shared by all of us may be appropriate.

I may know the answers, though one question I still hear. What twist in fate has brought us to roads that run so near?

Distant worlds together. Miracles from realms beyond. The lifelight burns inside me to sing to you this song. To sing with you this song. To sing to you your song.


It can be hard to stand out on forums as large as this, but Kyrin achieved it by actually seeming to be a nice person :(


My sincerest condolences to her family. Man, it was just last week I was talking to her about what life on Pandemonium was like. Thank you to Greenjade also for relaying this information.

She will be missed and yes, please post any information for anything we can do as a community for her family, children or loved ones. Again, my best wishes for all that knew her personally both in game and out.


My condolences to her family and friends.


If this is true, I'm terribly sorry to hear it. My condolences to any who knew her, she will be missed by all. R.I.P.


This is a shame. Insofar as you can know anyone from a few forum posts, she seemed like a great gal. I hope her family and friends get all the comfort and support they need during this time, and I wish them peace.


I must return to this forum to give condolences...this is where I first met her.

She will be greatly missed. {/kneel}

{/comfort} to her family and loved-ones.

She will be missed.


My thoughts go out to Kyrin and her family at this moment of tragedy.


I could not agree more.

Grianne and I hadn't conversed much in recent months, but I had always though highly of her. My heart goes out to her friends and family, and I hope that she is resting in peace.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, she was a member of my LS for awhile and I am very sad to hear about this.

Thank you for posting that picture Green, I didn't have one of her in-game.

My prayers have been with her family and friends since I was informed, she and I had not spoken on a regular basis for awhile but I did think highly of her, and I hate to hear that this happened to her.

She was in my LS for a time, and I've offered to donate to a charity or send a card to her family, but they wish to keep their affairs in this matter private, however I do wish them comfort in their time of grieving and hope that she is resting in peace.


Sad Day :(


Shocked, confused and sad. My condolences go out to her family and friends.

One of Cerberuses old school players. Still remember her from back in the day, our ways kinda parted in FFXI a while ago, different LS's etc, but nonetheless, you belonged to our Cerberus family and will be missed.


I didn't know Kyrin though the feelings of losing a friend are far from unknown to me and I offer my very sincere condolences to those of you who knew her.


I didn't know her well, but what interaction we did have was always lighthearted and fun. She will be missed. @#%^ing hell. Life really is too short..My condolences to all that knew her.


this sucks :( I dont even know what to say. I hope theres an alla in heaven for Kyrin to play on


God's speed Grianne.


It's funny how you can become attached to someone over wires and waves. I thought Kyrin was a funny and witty poster and wish I had the opportunity to know her better. She seemed like one of those "in your face" women that was very confident and sassy in the role of female.

I'm truly sorry to hear that she is no more in this life but I'm glad to know that she will live on with her avatar and picture available if we need reminding how short this life and journey can be.

My thoughts, prayers, and hopes that one day all the happy memories will return go out to her family and friends


Very sad to hear.


Words just can't expressed how, floored, I am. I didn't know her, I don't even think I even spoke to her once, but the death of a person is always a shock to hear. My utmost condolences to her friends and family. I pray that they will be able to find a way to cope in their time of great need.


OMG what @,@!

Sorry to hear this, never had the chance to meet in game but sure was nice here on the forums.


At first I did not recognize the name, seen so many here. But the avatar immediately snagged my memory of them.

I did not know Kyrin incredibly well, but when I realized I knew who this was, it was like a punch in the gut. I'll be sure to post later when my mind re-engages from the shock.

For someone who posts as much as I have, to be at a loss for words is a new thing.

Kyrin and I hadn't interacted long through these boards. A few jokes and quips shot back and forth, that's all. She seemed to be my type of person.

Knowing that she's gone and I'll never get to know her better is quite the shock. I wish I could be more poetic, or more verbose in my expression of loss, but to be honest, I just don't know what to say...


I never know how to comfort people about death. It certainly isn't the dead for whom we should be crying. They're either reincarnated, obliterated, or even ascended, all states of which are perfectly enjoyable: nothing to fear about death.

It's the survivors that you have to care about. Hard to believe how a poster can just get yanked away, and I feel terrible for her family.


In times like this words seem empty and meaningless. My thoughts go to the friends and family.


This is truly horrible. I didn't even know her that well, other than in the Mage forums for WoW, but this has got me pretty upset regardless. And I have to go to class in 40 minutes too, sh*t... My thoughts are with her family and everyone else that knew her.


I remember Kyrin most recently in my MIA Star Sibyl thread, where Kyrin helped our little board mystery be solved by giving input. What a terrible way to go... I don't know how I'd get over that if it happened to one of my family members. Sending comforting thoughts to her family...


She was also a big part of the WoW Mage community and the WoW community in general. I've linked the smaller mage board to here, but I think it would mean a lot to the WoW folks if an admin would do the same for them, even if you lock it so it can be discussed here.


I'm sorry to hear that.


I clicked the link thinking I'd see some random image I'd never taken notice of before...and then I recognized it... T.T

Traveling is always hardest on those left behind, especially when traveling from this world to the next. :( May the whole family be reunited in a happier place someday.


It saddens me to hear of this tragedy. My condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends.

Remember the good that she brought to you and those around her. Don't let her be forgotten, every time you think of her say her name and smile, even if it brings a tear. The tears will soon fade, but the smile will last forever ... she wouldn't want you to hurt for her.

If there is one thing I could say to each and every one of us it is this. Life really is too short. Take from this that we should all appreciate and enjoy the good in life and not dwell on the bad. Our friends, family the good things and life itself. No matter how you look at it, life is so much better than the alternative and none of us can get out of it alive so make the best of every bit of it. The older you get the more you learn to appreciate every day and everything, large and small.

May God hold you in the palm of his hand Kyrin ... offhanding a K-Club. WHM/NIN of course, just has to.


I didn't know her aside from seeing her name on the board once or twice, but my condolences go out to her family and friends just the same. ''' Ralrra'''

I did that with my wife before I went to work today.

For the people that knew her from the FFXI Cerberus server, I have a pretty good idea how you feel. We lost a player on Garuda a few years ago (whose name I don't recall at the moment). Just because you know them from a video game as opposed to offline doesn't make it any less painful.


Damn that's always a shocker. I do recognize that avatar from not long ago either. Reminds us we can lose our connection anytime to the great MMO called life.

Carpe Diem


I didn't know her very well either. I don't think most of us here did too, but we all knew she'd fit right in on the pandy forum... We were already begging (jokingly) for boob pics as if she's been here for ages. Can't even say it was great knowing her because the opportunity was taken away. But had the chance been still there, you know inside, it would have been great knowing her better. It's a potential friendship cut short before it could even get off the ground.

I believe that's what makes it truly more crushing.

I don't want to deter from Kyrin... but I had a friend in my program that died in a car accident at the beginning of this term in February. Was wondering why he wasn't he in class then I heard the news and couldn't believe it /cry. I never did talk to him much outside of classes, but I always wanted to chill with him after classes and become better friends but it was already too late. I deeply regret not doing so.


I'm really sorry to hear that. She was quite a prominent member of the WOW forums too. It's really sad, she was far too young too. And really quite cute, not that it makes much of a difference.

So sad. Can we name a forum after her? Or something to remember her by?


Something about punching out god for such a travesty.


I've personally known 3 people in game and many more in RL who have died. So I know what some of he/she's friends would be going through right now. RIP.


I can't belive this happend.

Why did this have to happen.


While I didn't know her very well, Grianne was part of my endgame linkshell, and I'm very saddened to hear about this tragedy, especially with a person with so much life ahead of them. My condolences to her family, friends, and all who knew her.


I didn't know her, but I'm sad.

I come to the OOT for good comic goodness, but now I'm all bummed.


I remember her specifically from the avatar she used.

Such a shame, a terrible loss :( I sincerely wish her family and friends my deepest condolences.


You will be missed, Kyrin. I didn't talk to you in-game, but from our brief interactions in-forum here, you were a very kind and caring person, and the world is worse off without you. Goodbye~


I have known Kyrin/Grianne since she started on Cerberus. This is very sad and shocking to hear. :(

I am really shocked to learn this had happened. I have know Kyrin before she and I beaten Maat.

Kyrin has never done well in Internet popularity contests, but I wanted to say, people should remember Kyrin as a person, not Kyrin as pixels. Kyrin is often not the easiest person to deal with, but she never acted intentionally in bad faith. Kyrin is a good person, a friend, no matter how hard it is to deal with her. You may not specifically like what Kyrin has said and done in the game. But I wanted to ask people to at least step back one moment to remember there is a person behind the screen.


Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends dealing with the tragic loss.


Sad. Too bad we don't have homepoints IRL. ''' Sogoro'''

D: She was fun to talk, can't believe this happened to her.


I had only met Kyrin last year around fall, I met her when a friend asked me to do Chains of Promathia missions with her group. Even though I have only known her for a short time, she and I became good friends.

I remember being really scared because I would be doing a mission with a group of unfamiliar people. However, she reached out to me and made me feel welcomed, and the fear subsided. Together we were able to complete Chains of Promathia, something that I believe I would never have been able to accomplish.

She was a lovely person who was always able to brighten my day. Even after she left Cerberus, we still kept in touch over MSN. We could talk about anything together; whether it be music or books or video games.

No words can express how much I miss her. I know that one common thing when accepting the loss of a friend is that they're in a "better place", and there is nothing more I wish then that to be true. I will miss you, my good friend. May you rest in peace...


She was a good egg. I'll miss her

RIP Kyrin. She just posted yesterday...

This is a shiat day. A shiat shiat day.

Rest in Peace Kyrin though this wasn't your time.


She helped me get Rank 5 running up Delfkutt many many years ago.

My sincere condolences to her family and friends.


Wow! That's a suprise.

I knew a person that played FFXI that passed a couple of years back. It kind of shocked a bunch of us.


...she was like one of the constants of the feels like looking out a window and the sky now being there anymore.. ''' Teratogen'''

Very sorry to hear about this. My prayers go to Kyrin's family and friends.


I also did not know much of Kyrin, however, I would like to extend my condolences.


I wonder if that was the crash I've heard about recently >.<; My condolences to the family, I just seen her posting recently too :(

Life truly is short.


36 revolutions around the sun.

It seems so short, does it not?


This is very sad. My heart goes out to her family and friends. In times like these it really does make you think back to how mortal we all are. I, for one, will be letting my family know how much I love them.

This makes me think of a quote from Maya Angelou:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Go home and make someone feel special. You never know what could happen tomorrow.


/floored Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.


I knew Kyrin a little. I'm very sorry to hear this news. My condolences.


wow, When she came over we happily invited her into our LS, she was a really cool person to talk to, She hadn't logged on in a few days and someone just last night asked me if she dropped shell cause they hadn't seen her on. She was on my friends list and I said I hadn't seen her in a few days.

We read this in =50 earlier, we thought was a cruel joke at first, DF confirmed it like she said. She had recently changed over to Pandemonium and joined my LS, she was a very cool person. I know she will be missed by her new LS mates even though she has only been with us a short time.


I really don't know what to say. When someone's life is cut short under these kinds of circumstances I always feel a certain amount confusion mixed with the sadness. Why this person? Why not someone else? Why did it happen, and what could have prevented it?

My condolences go out to her friends and family, who are feeling the same confused sadness.


I recognize that poster.

I offer my sincere condolences.


Wow. It's pretty crazy how suddenly life can end.

Very sad news, indeed.


Though I didn't know Kyrin and the name is only familiar to me, I feel for the loss ; ; Life is too damn short.

Rest in peace. /kneel.


I'm very very sorry to hear that...


I didn't know Kyrin all that well, more so from what I've read in the past 45 minutes than I had seen on the forums, but it doesn't retract from the loss I'm feeling right now. I only wish we'd gotten to know one another a bit better, but that opportunity has now passed.


It's always shocking when someone you've communicated with dies, whether it be online or offline.

My sincere condolences.


Kyrin was one of the first I played the game with. I was shocked when I heard the news. You'll be missed, dear friend.


I haven't been around for a while so I'm not very familiar with her but that sucks no matter how well you know the person. My condolences.


My thoughts and prayers go out for her family.

My thoughts and prayers for her family. She will be missed.


I just talked to her guild(s) in wow and informed them of our loss so you may be seeing some new folks pop in about it. My condolences to her family should they see this. She was a valued poster and will be terribly missed. I'm afraid I don't really have the words to convey the loss I feel of someone who was part of our extended family here... ''' xNocturnalSunx'''

May she rest in peace and her family find comfort


RIP Kyrin. I remember her from the WOW Boards she was witty and bright and a good role model as a funky, genuine and funny female gamer. My thoughts are with her family and friends and all the Alla community affected by this. xxx


I can't say that Grianne and I talked a lot, but from what little we did I knew that she was a great person. She seemed to have wonderful things ahead of her, and lord knows she deserved better. I'm going to miss her a lot. She worked hard for the things she had and went above and beyond everyone's expectations. She was one of the great ones, and she will surely be missed by many.

I'm not sure if her family will ever see this, but I hope they know that she made a huge impact on people all across the world.


I was planning on meeting her first thing and give her lots of taru hugs when I returned to the game for my regular friend visits.. She was always nice to everybody.

I'm going to write a hymn for her.. Noooooo......:(

Sad that she is gone.. Angry that I didn't talk to her/get to know her more.. I remember she was there for me when I had troubles with a certain scenarios from my time in this server><.

It is only in absolutely respectfulness that I use one of my hymns in memory of her. One of my master pieces designed to ease the minds of the saddened. The language used is the long forgotten emotion language called hymmnos. Translation in brackets. The ending has been extended for obvious....reasons...

EXEC_HYMME_REFORMATION/. Nosaash oz quivale(Goddess of Winter)

Ma num ra famfa elle ciellenne art beja celetille fwal fwal,
en cexm tou ar ciel enw wearequewie ar dius sphilar.
ar dius sphilar whou acra ks wael ween syec hopb mea.
aiph mea yor wis pitod, chs nnoi an yor.

(Feeling empty, I flew from the sky on wings of marred beauty)
(and come to this world in search of a uniquely noble spirit.)
(One who will surely seed joy in abyss of my heart.)
(If we can be together, I'll become one with you.)

llizz cerchio, llizz faiy kierre,
eux mea lapo yor.
Rrha ki ra viss ar dius sphilar whou enter syec spiritum,
en zenva wi gyaje cecet beng chs pic dius sor.

(In a chance of possibility, a chance of a transient moment,)
(My eyes met yours.)
(I'll concentrate absolutely on understanding the noble spirit who will enter the pit of my soul,)
(and transcend the falsely-built barriers within before realising its own nobility.)

Rrha yea ra firle re gyuss so, re yanwe so,
enclone sora art fwal fwal lusye.
Was ki ra sora wis nene ridalnae harton,
en nene ridalnae lapo.

(I'm completely blissful about feeling such am embrace, such kindness,)
(and will surround them with wings of light.)
(These feelings are made of love unfathomable and irreplaceable,)
(and a chance meeting incomprehensible and without equal.)

mahin yuez houd, aa... cest warma.
Was yea ra fwal yor tes ciel, fwal won ciel tes ciellenne.
famfa tou ciel won ar ciel, Was apea ra arsye harton anw yor.
na llizz ene hierle enw ferda yanje kierre.

(Holding each other hands, ah... Truly warm.)
(I'll be very happy to carry you to the sky, carry you over the sky to the heavens.)
(Soaring to the world above the world, I'm immersed in joy to be sharing this love with you.)
(Sadness cannot exist as long as we live in this everlasting moment.)

ides re fountaina fandel zash so, fandel crudea so.
Wee zweie ra infel wis ar dsier mea.

(The past was filled with so much pain, so much suffering.)
(I honestly wish that love can be my sole desire.)

getrra fwillra oz fwal fwal has linen wi akata.
la akata oz sasye whou tek tes syec noes, en syec ciel walasye
sos lapo ar dius sphilar whou suwant hopb en sphilar noes has.

(The withering feathers from her flight tell this story.)
(A story of a girl who ventured into the abyss of her self, and the lower world of the people)
(To meet with the one who would save her heart and her mind.)

Upon finding the one, she takes him to the air..ascending into the heavens, forever resting in peace - loved eternally..


I never knew her myself, the avatar is very unique, and I remember seeing it, and I know who she is talking about, because of that.

I am sorry to hear of the loss, may she rest in peace.


For many years now I have been coming to this site. Mostly lurking during downtime at college/work and find it a great way to relax and keep up to date on useful/useless facts alike.

Kirin was usually part of many of the threads I read. I rarely post, but for this I thought it worth it.

May those who knew Kirin cope well with this. Its a shame when a community loses someone who had been such an active member.


Life isn't fair, death is even less so. My condolences to her friends and family.


One of her sigs
by Bijou
Her online wedding in FFXI
Another shot of her in FFXI

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