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No I didn't buy my char. on ebay hehe. Started playing FFXI since around the PS2 release, in March 2004. Started on Ifrit server, and moved to Bahamut server in July 2007. If you were directed here via a linkshell application, you can check out the drama-torama background thread. The purpose of me making that thread, was to showcase the personalities of those I moved to rid myself of. Nothing to hide. Bring popcorn... its a very interesting/entertaining read.

Having leveled Dragoon as my starting job, was sort of forced to master party mechanics as I got pretty fed up of seeking around DRG47. Since then, and through trial, experience, and improvement, getting xp wherever, or whenever comes pretty naturally. So jobs just keep stacking up. I plan to get BST to 66, then work on WAR to 66, followed by MNK to 66. Many people have spent most of their game years working toward a Relic weapon. Maat's cap is my relic of sorts. I hope to get there soon. DRG > BLM > PLD > RDM > SMN > NIN > RNG > WHM > BRD > DRK > THF > SAM > BST

No, I don't play ffxi all day every day ;-) I work a regular 9-7 (EST) job. I usually get on about 6-7PM+ (till 11pm or 12 am) on days I don't have RL commitments, and varies on the weekend, but usually most of the day if I am home that day.

For jobs, I have my most fun with melee/front-line roles and these are the ones I usually focus on gearing and meriting. You can see this from my Ninja and Samurai merits (these two are quite the forces of nature in a fight). The jobs I love the most are Dragoon (tho least merited), Ninja (dd style, not as evasion tank), and most recently Samurai.

The mage selection I use mostly to be helpful to the alliance or linkshell when needed. I think Bard and White Mage are the only ones among the support/healer roles I've really put a decent pool of merits into (though nothing crazy). This is not to say I don't understand or perform well with most of the jobs I have... but only so many can be improved at a time. I try to focus on the key improvements/areas for each... with the exception of Red Mage ('fresh/heal whore onry).

Job Levels

Dragoon Dark Knight Samurai Thief Ranger
75 75 75 75 75
Paladin Ninja Black Mage Red Mage Bard
75 75 75 75 75
Summoner White Mage Beastmaster Warrior Monk
75 75 66 40 8
Blue Mage Corsair Puppetmaster Dancer Scholar
36 7 3 33 10


Category Increments Merits Used Details
MP +5 15 Mana Pool +50
Strength +5 36 /flex potential increase
Axe +2 3 +4 Axe Skill
Critical Up (player) +4 10 +4% Criticals dealt to enemy
Critical Down (enemy) +4 10 -4% Criticals taken from enemy
Summoner G1 +2 3 2/5 Avatar Accuracy
Summoner G2 +6 18 All 6 Magical Bloodpacts 1/3
Paladin G2 +4 15 Chivalry 3/3, Fealty 1/3
Red Mage G2 +1 3 Dia 3 1/3
Black Mage G1 +5 15 Lightning Potency 5/5
Black Mage G2 +1 3 Burst II 1/3
Elemental Magic +2 3 +4 Elemental Skill
Ninja G1 +5 15 Subtle Blow 5/5
Ninja G2 +3 12 Ninja Tool Expertise 3/3
Katana +8 21 +16 Katana Skill
Parrying +4 9 +8 Parrying Skill
Ninjitsu Magic +3 6 +6 Ninjitsu Skill
Ranger G2 +6 24 Snapshot 3/3, Recycle 3/3
White Mage G1 +8 21 Cure Cast 3/5, Regen III 5/5
White Mage G2 +4 15 Devotion 1/3, Shellra V 3/3
Bard G2 +2 6 Traubadour 1/3, Nightingale 1/3
Wind Instrument +4 10 +8 Wind Instrument Skill
Dragoon G2 +1 3 Empathy 1/3
Dark Knight G1 +3 6 Souleater Recast 3/5
Dark Knight G2 +4 15 Desperate Blows 3/3, Dark Seal 1/3
Thief G1 +5 15 Triple Attack 5/5
Thief G2 +2 6 Fient 1/3, Aura Steal 1/3
Samurai G1 +9 25 Store TP 5/5, Meditate 4/5
Samurai G2 +4 15 Overwhelm 3/3, Shikikoyo 1/3
Great Katana +6 15 +12 Great Katana Skill
Totals: 122 374  

Combat Skill Levels (Job Independant)

Sword Parrying Scythe Shield Staff Club
276 252 276 250 269 265
Polearm Dagger Evasion Great Katana Archery Marksmanship
276 276 275 288 269 269
Katana Axe Throwing Hand to Hand Greatsword Great Axe
285 244 269 134 269 135

Quested Weapon Skills Completed (11)

Savage Blade, Spiral Hell, Retribution, Black Halo, Impulse Drive, Evisceration, Tachi:Kasha, Detonator, Arching Arrow, Blade:Ku, Decimation

Equipment (Multi-Use Melee)

Weapons Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Shark Gun
Seiryu's Sword
Shiva's Claws
Garuda's Dagger
Ifrit's Blade
Temperance Axe
Optical Hat
Walahra Turban
Kirin's Osode
Amir Korazin
Pahluwan Body
Amir Hands
Hecatomb Hands
Crimson Gauntlets
Seiryu's Kote
Amir Legs
Pahluwan Legs
Homam Legs
Amir Feet
Hecatomb Feet
Rutter Sabatons
Crimson Greaves
Neck Earrings Rings Back Waist Other
Peacock Charm
Chiv Chain
Parade Gorget
Snow Gorget
Light Gorget
Brutal Earring
Fenrir's Earring
Intruder Earring
Ethereal Earring
Diabolos' Earring
Flame Ring
Jelly Ring
Sniper Ring
Bomb Queen Ring
Cerberus Mantle
Amemet Mantle +1
Boxer's Mantle
Lieutenant's Cape
Potent Belt
Precise Belt
Swift Belt
Fire Bomlet
Pole Strap
Fenrir's Stone

Equipment (Multi-Use Mage)

Weapons Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Apollo Staff
Pluto Staff
Terra Staff
Ice Staff
Wind Staff
Thunder Staff
Fire Staff
Water Staff
Diabolos' Pole
Yigit Turban
Zenith Crown
Demon Helm
Glory Crown
Yigit Gomlek
Shaman's Cloak
Master Caster's Bracelet
Zenith Mitts
Jet Seraweels Rostrum Pumps
Neck Earrings Rings Back Waist Other
Fenrir's Torque Moldavite Earring
Laquacious Earring
Trooper's Ring
Balrahn's Ring
Lieutenant's Cape   Staff Strap
Genbu's Shield

Equipment (Job Specific)

Job Weapons Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Dragoon     Wyrm Mail Wyrm Finger Gauntlets Wyrm Brais Wyrm Greaves
Dark Knight Perdu Sickle
Balan's Sword
Abyss Burgonet Gloom Breastplate   Abyss Flanchard  
Samurai Hagun
Shigeto Bow
    Hachiman Kote Hachiman Legs
Shinimusha Haidate
Shinimusha Hara-ate
Saotome Sune-Ate
Thief Blau Dolch
Thief Knife
Assasin's Bonnet Dragon Harness     Assasin's Poulainns
Ranger Loxley Bow
Othinu's Bow
Selene's Bow
Scout's Beret Scout's Jerkin
Shikaree Aketon
  Scout's Braccae Scout's Socks
Ninja Senjuinrikio
Perdu Blade
Koga Hatsuburi Ninja Chainmail +1
Nokizaru Gi
Ninja Tekko +1 Koga Haidate Koga Kayahan
Paladin Martial Anelace Koenig Schaller Parade Cuirass Koenig Hands
Valor Gauntlets
  Valor Leggings
Summoner   Yingyang Robe   Carbuncle Mitts Summoner's Spats  
Black Mage            
Red Mage       Duelist Gloves    
Bard       Sha'ir Gages Choral Cannions +1
Sha'ir Seraweels
Bard's Slippers
Sha'ir Crackows
White Mage     Noble Tunic, Blessed Briault Blessed Mitts Blessed Trousers
Healer's Pentaloons
Blessed Pumps
Job Neck Earrings Rings Back Waist Other
Dragoon Chanoix's Gorget          
Dark Knight            
Thief       Commander's Cape    
Paladin   Hospitaler Earring       Koenig Shield
Sentinel Shield
Summoner     Evoker's Ring      
Black Mage Uggalepih Pendant   Snow Ring x2   Penitent's Rope  
Red Mage            
Bard Wind Torque Musical Earring Angel Ring Jester Cape +1 Gleeman's Belt  
White Mage            

Other Inventory Cloggers

Items: Arctic Wind, East Wind, Zephyr, Antarctic Wind, Seal of Genbu, Seal of Seiryu, Seal of Byakko, Seal of Suzaku, Gem of the East, Springstone, Gem of the South, Summerstone, Gem of the West, Autumnstone, D.Abj:Hands, E.Abj:Feet, A.Abj:Legs (cursed item price drop pls), 3x99 +22 Kindred Seals, 99 +62 Beastmen Seals
Equipment: Hornetneedle, Nimbus Doublet

Mission Status

Rize of the Zilart: Complete
Chains of Promathia: Complete
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Complete
Wings of the Goddess: M02 (Back to the Beginning)


Assault: First Lieutenant (T10) | 26'ish/50 for Captain | LVL15 Rune Disc (16-20 access)
Sandoria: Rank 10
Windurst: Rank 10


Cleared Zones: Bastok, San D'oria, Windurst, Jeuno, Glacier, Xarcabard, Bubumiru, Valkurm, Qufim

Dynamis-Tavnazia Access


80 Moghouse spaces, 80 Mog Locker Spaces, 80 Home-Nation Storage space, 60 inventory spaces (Gobbie Bags 1-6 completed). And I have no freaking room... usually 55-60'ish/60. Delivery rotation backed up for days. Waiting for synth item prices to stop being retarded then I will do the 2 new gobbie bag quests.

Melon Pie Fund

Gilzorz Conquest Points Imperial Standing Allied Notes
10,700,000'ish 52,000'ish (Windurst) 130,000'ish 480 need moar

No I did not buy it. No you can't have a loan. No the baby isn't mine.

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