Etain is a Tarutaru Female playing on the Fenrir Server. Playing since May 2004, she is currently leveling her fourth job to 75, and is looking ahead to start seriously working on crafting and moving towards upgrading/collecting Salvage armor.

She's been a member of several linkshells over the course of her FFXI career, the most notable of them being OneWingedAngels, FatelessDreamers, SecretCowLevel, and Magitek.

Etain attended the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 in Santa Monica, CA.

She currently resides in New Jersey and was married "irl" to the player behind Falconfire on March 15, 2008. She's employed for a night program in a NJ High School, and is planning to go back to school to finish her Music Education degree within the next few years.

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Currently Working On

In the process of leveling Red Mage to level 75.

Slowly working on crafting, attempting to get Bonecraft towards 100.


Etain currrently runs Dynamis with the linkshell SecretCowLevel. She has previously ran with BombToss (received Bard's Cuffs, Roundlet, and Slippers as well as flagged Bastok and San d'Oria with them) and the short-lived linkshell Lemmings. Etain has invested over 100 runs with "SCL", and has earned over 190 points thus far in her membership. Dynamis continues to be one of her favorite FFXI events to participate in.


Dynamis - BastokYes
Dynamis - San d'OriaYes
Dynamis - WindurstYes
Dynamis - JeunoYes
Dynamis - BeaucedineYes
Dynamis - XarcabardYes
Dynamis - BuburimuYes
Dynamis - QufimYes
Dynamis - ValkurmYes
Dynamis - TavnaziaYes

Relic Armor Obtained

BardWhite MageThief
HeadAugust 28, 2005October 11, 2006March 21, 2007
BodyApril 15, 2006June 2, 2007June 27, 2007
HandsAugust 14, 2005September 22, 2007December 1, 2007
Hands Plus OneOctober 14, 2007------
LegsJune 14, 2006July 8, 2006February 6, 2008
Legs Plus OneDecember 27, 2006------
FeetSeptember 11, 2005February 3, 2007August 29, 2007
AccessoryDecember 9, 2006October 6, 2007---


HP 2/8STR 0/5Dagger 8/8Singing 3/8Critical Hit 1/4
------Marksmanship 0/8Wind 1/8Spell Interrupt 0/4

BardWhite MageThief
Lullaby Recast 5/5Cure Cast Time 4/5Triple Attack 3/5
Minuet Effect 5/5Regen Effect 2/5---
Foe Sirvente 3/3Devotion 1/3Feint 1/3
Nightingale 1/3Shellra V 0/3Aura Steal 1/3
Troubadour 1/3Martyr 0/3Assassin's Charge 0/3
Adventurer's Dirge 1/3Protectra V 0/3---


Etain runs Salvage with the successful Salvage linkshell, LagSave.

To date, Etain has defeated Long-Bowed Chariot, Armored Chariot, Battleclad Chariot and Long-Armed Chariot.

She has completed Marduk's Tiara, Marduk's Dastanas, Marduk's Jubbah, and Skadi's Jambeaux.

Progress/Pieces Obtained

HeadMarduk's Tiara---
BodyMarduk's JubbahNjord's Jerkin
HandsMarduk's DastanasNjord's Gloves
LegsAnu's Brais, Ea's BraisNjord's Trousers, Freyr's Trousers
FeetAnu's GaitersSkadi's Jambeaux

Wanted Items


White MageThief
HeadYigit TurbanPahluwan Qalansuwa
HandsYigit GagesPahluwan Dastanas
LegsYigit Seraweels---
FeetYigit CrackowsPahluwan Crackows

Nyzul Isle

White MageThief
HeadGoliard ChapeauDenali Bonnet
BodyGoliard SaioObtained
Legs---Denali Kecks


White MageThief
Weapon---Bartholomew's Knife
Body---Hecatomb Harness
HandsZenith Mitts---


White MageThief
HeadobtainedHomam Zucchetto
BodyNashira ManteelHomam Corazza
LegsNashira SeraweelsHomam Cosciales



Sheikh Gages, Nereid Ring, Vilma's Ring, Astute Cape

White Mage

Prudence Rod, Perdu Wand, Hedgehog Bomb, Healer's Cap+1, Aqua Ring, Prism Cape


Blau Dolch, Ziska's Crossbow, Love Torque, Ethereal Earring, Brutal Earring, Rogue's Armlets+1, Sniper's Ring, Jaeger Ring, Assassin's Cape

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