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Allakhazam Summary

Post Style

Will try to be helpful, but most often tries to go for a funny or snarky reply. Uses too many color tags. Complains a lot. Attention whore.

Forum Activity

Posts primarily in FFXI General Forum; small contribution to Remora Server Forum. Dabbles in job forums depending on mood. Has started posting in the OOT a little more after Soracloud was all pix plz kthx.


Copying FFXI to Another Machine (No Reinstall)

DRG Trio Under Observation

Remora Crafters


Three Stars --- 1000th Post (1st with Premium) made 26 Oct 2007.


Guidance --- 4000th Post made 28 May 2009. Didn't post a ding thread cause I was being helpful. lulz

Final Fantasy Summary




San d'Orian Elvaan {Rank 10} Windurstian Elvaan {Rank 10} Bastokan Elvaan {Rank 5}


Considers himself to be a BST main, but also doing RDM DRG to higher levels. 75RDM 75BRD 75DRG ... STILL only 66BST

Play style

Dual boxes a lot, either duo or in parties, as PLD WAR or NIN. Doesn't screw up too much.


{ WorldLeaders } - dead -

{ KingOfMonsters } - dead -

{SapientesOmega} - dead -

{LastSages} - dead -

{Makaveli} - merged -

{Xtreme} - Dynamis Limbus Sky Endgame Shell

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