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May 2009 Player of the Month


Character Name: Tummie

Character Race: Tarutaru

Character Job(s): 75 WHM, COR, BST, BLU, MNK, DNC

Nation: Windurst

Rank: 6

Server: Garuda

Linkshell: TimeOut

Real World Location: California

Career / Employment Industry / Current Level of School: Computer Networking Specialist


When recalling the greatest moments of your life, where does winning PoM for the second time rank?

I would say it's up there as I've never really won anything nor been voted for anything prior to the first time I got potm

What keeps you playing FFXI?

Without the good group of friends that I have now, I probably wouldn't be playing anymore. Game content is nice, but it's a lot more fun to experience and overcome challenged with a group of friends.

What has occupied most of your time in-game during the past year?

Most of my time has been tied up leveling BRD and doing Dynamis. At the beginning of this year I decided to take my time with BRD and duo it with a friend of mine via FoV. It was slow, but it was more enjoyable that way. I still do it on occasion, but I exp or campaign every now and again in spurts to get extra levels.

What is your top in-game accomplishment since your last PoM title?

Completing COR Commodore Relic set would definitely be the top accomplishment. I missed out on the body piece a few times, one of which occurred when I was at FanFest 08 where two Commodore Fracs dropped and they went free lot. Due to the fact that I work 50+ hours a week, I often miss out on half of weekly runs so I missed some pieces a few times. But after a lot of patience, I finally completed the whole set about 2 months ago.

What is your current top priority in the game?

I would have to say getting E.Tail from MMM and helping my friend get her weapon from MMM as well.

What is your favorite linkshell, and why do you enjoy it?

Favorite LS is TimeOut. The leaders are a family that I know in real life and has a wonderful family friendly atmosphere where everyone gets along and is very helpful to one another.

What part of Vana'diel that we haven't seen yet would you like to explore?

Walk of Echos. There is still a lot of mystery to this place. I've seen maps on various FFXI forums of the area and it is very intriguing.

What do you think of SE's approach of using mini expansions?

I believe the add-on scenarios is a fresh new way of adding content. Though it does not include new areas, it could make use of so many areas that are already presently unused in the game. However, I feel that the first add-on, A Crystalline Prophecy, was poorly designed in terms of execution of quests and length. I believe that most of the community felt this exact same way and players were able to beat the scenario within the first day. I know a lot of people did not like level capped events from CoP, however, if they applied something similar to ACP for some of the fetch quests and placed them in dungeons, it would've at least made it a bit more interesting. Also, adding more quests and BC's such as the one similar to the last mission where you have to collect key items under a level cap in order to enter the final BC. This could have been used for all 6 protocrystal sites, where you are level restricted while trying to collect key items outside the area near the protocrystals such as level 60 cap Cape Terrigan collecting key items to enter in the BC at the Cloister of Gales against a Wind Seed Crystal or one of the Seed Beastmen. It would've given the add-on more depth and length, and an added challenge.

Which in-game spell, item, weapon or ability would you want to have in real life, and how would you use it?

If I could, I'd just like an ability to teleport. It would save me a ton of gas money because 3 hour round trip commutes to work just aren't any fun at all. I could teleport into work 10 min before my shift, and then teleport and be home a few seconds after my shift was over.

If you could ask the FFXI development team any question, what would it be?

With Nyzul Isle, a lot of players are having difficulty climbing to lower the points for their Mythic Weapon Skills. Would you be willing to create an incentive for other players to help out such as spending Tokens to purchase Nyzul Armor based on what floor that person has saved on their disc? For example, a person with level 40 saved on their disc can purchase gear from floor 20 and floor 40 sets (Feet and Legs), and the token amount required rises by 5k tokens for each set such as 20k for floor 20 and 25k for floor 40 items.

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