Trap Chain Leggings (RoM Item)  

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Runes of Magic
Trap Chain Leggings
Tier 4
Requires Level 67
Chain Lower Body
+134.4 Stamina
+1747.2 Maximum HP
+249.6 Accuracy

Deadly Danger (7) Chain
 Trap Ring (Ggl)
 Trap Hand Guards
 Trap Belt (Ggl)
 Trap Chain Leggings
2 Pieces: +70 Stamina
3 Pieces: +80 Physical Critical Rate, +100 Strength
4 Pieces: +1320 Physical Attack, +60 Damage
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Item Set Notes: Additional random attributes are obtained when purchased. Hands and Legs are sold by Thomas Haraven (Village of Dorris Clerk) in Lipuden Valley (10,000Gold 560Ancient Mementos  to 43,000Gold 560Ancient Mementos  each). The Ring and Belt are drops in Sardo Castle.

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