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Toxicity: A Goal Based Linkshell

Toxicity is a goal oriented linkshell, based around older, "catch-up" activities such as nation rank and expansion missions. We aim to get to rank 10 and finish Zilart/Promathia/Aht Urghan missions.

Summary of members

We have a very small core of members at this point, mostly due to the fact that it doesn't take more than six people to complete missions. However, the hope is to gather more people in order to have multiple groups doing different types of missions at once.

Linkshell Leaders

  • Kakusaijin.
  • Chakan.
  • Evilgenius.


  • All members are sackholders. It makes distributing pearls to newer members an easier task, and also negates the problem of authority abuse.

Linkshell Rules

1.) Ignorance is not tolerated. That includes, but is not limited to, making hurtful statements about groups of people, being abrasive over things that cannot be controlled, etcetera. 2.) Harassment is a big no-no. We're a goofy bunch of people, but Kaku takes harassment very seriously, as it's been the reason for the demise of many of his former linkshells.

Linkshell Events

At this point in time, we're working on ranking missions only. However, in the future we plan to incorperate verious Zilart and Promathia missions, as well as sky gods for people who have use for their armor.

Current running event dates:
Bastok Rank Mission 8-1. Thursday, October 19th, 2007 at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time.

How to join?

Any questions can be directed at me (Kakusaijin) in-game or via the Private Message system on Allakhazam.

If you do not recieve a response from me as fast as you'd like, feel free to contact Chakan in-game, as he can answer any of your questions.

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