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Quest Series
Starting ZoneThe Village of Shin
Rec. Levels50 to 70
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

The Fallen Dynasty was the 3rd Adventure Pack released for EverQuest II. It was free to those with a Station Pass subscription, or available for a small fee to others.


The story centers on a newly discovered island, the Isle of Mara.

Quest Series

Introductory Quest

Outsiders' Landing

  1. Information on the Village
  2. Living Geomancy
  3. The Heart of a Gnome

The Village of Shin

  1. Improving Relations with the Locals
  2. The Stolen Tome
  3. The Pirate's Bride (side quest)

Tower of the Four Winds

Home of the Whistling Fist clan of monks. Each level of the tower must be unlocked, and each floor has NPCs with quests for you to perform. This series culminates with a dragon raid to take down Chel'Drak The Ancient Lord in The Antechamber of Fate.
  1. Access
  2. First Floor
  3. Second Floor
  4. Third Floor
  5. Fourth Floor

A Word About: monk pebbles

monk pebbles are tokens that can be accumulated and used to buy titles from the Whistling Fist clan. See the monk pebble page for a listing of the titles and their costs.

Tradeskill Quests

If you have changed professions after completing the quest for your crafting tool, and would like to exchange it for the more appropriate one, speak with Rai Faela Nurwin at Outsiders' Landing on the Isle of Mara.

New Quests for The Shadow Odyssey

The Far Seas Trading Company has many interests in the newly discovered Moors of Ykesha and is paying well for skilled artisans (50+) to assist them.

See Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions


Heroic Instances

Raid Instances

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