Temrin's Stacks (CoS Zone)  

Common MobsBossesQuestsDungeon ObjectivesVanquish
Common DropsRare Drops
Temrin's Stacks  Accessible from: Heartland Road
14+ Liberate Heartland Motors
[Optional] Stack Attack
The Repository  Accessible from: Temrin's Stacks
15+ [Optional] Stack Attack
Temrin's Stacks Boss Raid Accessible from: Temrin's Stacks
16 3132 (4103) [Vanquisher] Private Collections
[Challenge] Heroic - Private Collections
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    City of Steam

    Each Boss Raid Challenge dungeon that you complete will grant rewards in addition to any items you find within it.

    The amounts will vary by level and mode.

    Remember, Glitterbugs and Chemspiders have ranged attacks, Spidermidges and Rhinobeetles are melee. Generally, if you are melee kill the ranged first, if you are ranged kill the melee first.

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