Temple Chapel (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
Gale Woods (Gale Woods Temple)
Easy Level: 16
Abyss Level: 23
Powerful Goblin Slinger
Lost John
Ember Gorgak
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Dragon Nest

Path: Gale Woods (Gale Woods Temple) —> Temple Chapel

Poison Extractor
Poison Extractor
There is at least one Hobgoblin Generator in each stage. So long as it stands it will create new Hobgoblins periodically. Job One is destroy the generators!

Sadly, four of the grandchildren you saved in the Gobfather series of quests are here and they have been turned into Hobgoblins! You have no choice but to put them down like rabid poochums.

Stage 1

On Abyss level, there are 2 Hobgoblin Generators here, in all others only one.

In the second room there will again be 2 generators on Abyss, 1 in all others.

Hobert will break through the wall and join the fight at some point during the encounter. On Abyss, Lost John will be there as well.

Stage 2

Stage 3

Treasure Chest hiding behind boxes here!

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