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Runes of Magic
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Proof that the three Amulets do not conflict.
Proof that the three Amulets do not conflict.
There are three slots on your Equipment that are marked Amulet. These are for special items that can accumulate XP or TP, or can add protections and triggered buffs. There is a limitation: You cannot equip two items of the same type. Until now, most people simply never use more than one of any type for fear of the second removing the first. Below you will find information of what items will overwrite another and which will not.

You can use any combination of three of the four types, at one time, but if you equip a second item of the same class the one you are already wearing will be destroyed regardless of how much it has stored or how many uses remain. You may get a warning which reads "Old item will disappear after you equip the new item. Accept/Cancel" but this is not valid so long as you can see clearly that there is no conflict.

Example: You can equip Fountain of Talent, Basic Experience Charm and Source of Magic at the same time. When you add the Source of Magic you will be warned that there is a conflict but confirming the activation does not remove either of the first two Amulets. See the picture to the right for proof that this works.

Amulets that may be purchased in the Item Shop are noted with (Item Shop price). The prices noted were the price at the time this page was written but may change without notice.

Note Some Amulets have durability. For XP and TP Amulets this is just an indicator of how much longer they will continue to accumulate points. For example a 500 pt Talisman that has stored 352 pts of its maximum 500 will show a durability of 3/5.

Regarding what size XP and TP charms to buy: When you are low-level, certainly, do not invest in the very largest Amulets. However, around the time you reach 30/30 it becomes worthwhile to go for the big ones. yes, it will take you a long time to fill them, but think of the boost you will get when it is full and you use it! Also, it will fill a lot faster than you think it will.

Experience Amulets

This class will accumulate Experience and, once full, can be removed to make an Experience Orb (Ggl).

Talent Point Amulets

This class will accumulate Talent Points and, once full, can be removed to make a Talent Orb (Ggl). Once it is full you will not be able to earn any Talent Points until it has been changed to an Orb.

Life Amulets

This class will restore your health to full anytime your health falls 50%, up to a maximum number of uses or total Health restored.

Mana Amulets

This class will restore your mana to full anytime your mana falls below 50%, up to a maximum number of uses or total Mana restored.

Unknown Conflicts

We do not know what conflicts exist when using one of these Amulets, so use with caution!

  • Seven Days Reins - Increases riding speed by 30% for 7 days from date of purchase
  • Seven Nights Earring - Restores HP to full, 50% threshold, total of 7,700 HP, 30 second cooldown
  • Seven Nights Ring - Restores MP to full, 50% threshold, total of 7,700 MP, 30 second cooldown

Note: Originally, these were called Talismans until someone realized there was an off-hand equipment class of the same name, so they changed the items on this page to Amulets.

ZAM would like to thank Buffed database for some of the information in this article.

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