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Star Wars:
The Old Republic


See also: Global Template Users Guide

Templates are used to automate repetitive tasks or to enforce conformity across similar pages. The following templates have been created for use by the staff and players of the Star Wars: The Old Republic wiki.


The GameTag, {{TOR}}, must appear on every page in the TOR wiki. Some other templates will include it but when not it should be manually added. It can be placed anywhere on the page but is normally used at the very top or very bottom of the page. Some options require the gametag to appear at the top so it can add a few pertinent links, such as links to the HoloNet.

  • TOR - Displays the name and logo of this wiki and places page in the main category and others if options are used.


Linkers are small templates that are used to create page links to db pages so that as the wiki develops we do not have to redo pages when a group of pages get moved. We can just edit the linker template so that it knows where the pages went.

All linkers have the same basic format with some added options as needed. TORFaction is a good example of the basic form. The first two fields will always be the name of the page you want to link to and the name as you want it displayed (if different).

Please see the documentation on the Template pages, below, for any additional options.

Example: {{TORFaction|Galactic Republic|The Galactic Republic}}
Displays: The Galactic Republic
  • TORClass - Links to a player Class
  • TORFaction - Links to an Allegiance or Faction
  • TORItem - Links to an Item and can colorize the link for the quality of the item
  • TORMob - Links to a Mob
  • TORObject - Links to an interactive Object
  • TORPlanet - Links to a Planet
  • TORShip - Links to a Starship (not for ground vehicles or mounts)
  • TORQuest - Links to a Quest and can display the level and any flags such as Daily or Team


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