Swordsman (DN)  

Quick Facts
Class: Warrior (DNASkills)
Lv 15: Swordsman (DNASkillsCalc)

Equipment Lustre: Ruby
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Dragon Nest

This is a Primary Specialization, available at level 15.

}At level 15 you can choose to become a swordsman. They specialize in the use of greatswords and can do massive combos with a lot of damage. As you continue to level as a swordsman you can start to choose whether you want to do massive damage to one monster or weaker damage to more monsters.

ArcherSharpshooter (Artillery, Sniper) • Acrobat (Tempest, Windwalker) • Hunter (Detonation, Ranger)
(kDN only) Academic • (Engineer)
ClericPaladin (Crusader, Guardian) • Priest (Inquisitor, Saint) • Monk (Champion, Impulse)
SorceressElementalist (Ice Witch, Pyromancer) • Mystic (Chaos Mage, War Mage) • Warlock (Illusionist, Mistress)
WarriorSwordsman (Gladiator, Marauder) • Mercenary (Barbarian, Destroyer) • Avenger (Abyss Walker, Dark Knight)
TinkererAlchemist (Adept, Physician) • Engineer (Gearmaster, Shooting Star)

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