Status Ailments  

this is still a work in progress

Author: Bellemithra

Status Ailments

Here is a compiliation of some status effects; who inflicts them, and what removes them.

Mob Family Attack Name Effect Spell
Adamantoise Drown Drown: Single Erase
Aern Auroral Wind Silence: Single Silena
Biotic Boomerang Plague: Area Viruna
Disseverment Poison: Single Poisona
Glacial Split Paralysis: Front Paralyna
Impact Stream Stun/Defense Down: Area Erase
Medusa Javelin Petrification: Single Stona
Wing Thrust Slow: Single Erase/Haste
Antica Jamming Wave Silence: Area Silena
Magnetite Cloud Gravity: Front Erase
Sand Trap Petrification: Area Stona
Sandstorm Blind: Area Blindna
Spikeball Poison: Single Poisona
Antlion ?? Poison: Front Poisona
Sand Blast Blind: Area Blindna
Sand Pit Bind: Single Erase
Bat Ultrasonics Evasion Down: Area Erase
Bats Sonic Boom Attack-25%: Area Erase
Beetle Hi-Freq Field Evasion Down: Area Erase
Spoil STR Down: Single Erase
Behemoth Stun: Area Erase
Big Bird Deadly Dive Stun: Area Erase
Gliding Spike Blind: Single Blindna
Bird Blindside Barrage & Broadside Barrage INT & MND Down or VIT & STR Down: Single Erase
Bomb Heat Wave Burn: Area Erase
Buffalo Lowing Plague: Area Viruna
Rampant Gnaw Paralyze: Single Paralyna
Bugard Awful Eye STR Down: Area Erase
Bone Crunch Plague: Single Viruna
Heavy Bellow Stun: Area Erase
Bugbear Ground Shock (?) Stun: Area Erase
Cerberus Gate of Hades Burn: Area Erase
Ulation Paralysis: Area Paralyna
Chigoe Plague: Single Viruna
Cockatrice Baleful Gaze Petrification: Single Stona
Poison Pick Poison: Single Poisona
Sound Blast INT Down: Area Erase
Sound Vacuum Silence: Front Silena
Coeurl Blaster Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Chaotic Eye Silence: Single Silena
Colibri Snatch Morsel Steals food effect and gives to itself: Single
Corse ?? Poison: Area Poisona
Silence Seal Silence: Area Silena
Crab Bubble Shower STR Down: Area Erase
Craver Murk Slow/Gravity: Area Haste/Erase
Promyvion Brume Poison: Area Poisona
Crawler Poison Breath Poison: Front Poisona
Sticky Thread Slow: Front Erase/Haste
Demon Condemnation Stun: Front Erase
Demonic Howl Slow: Area Erase/Haste
Hecatomb Wave Blind: Front Blindna
Dhalmel Cold Stare Silence: Front Silena
Sonic Wave Defense-50%: Front Erase
Diremite Filament Hold Slow: Single Erase
Doll Gravity Field Slow: Area Erase/Haste
Kraustzahl Sleep: Single Cure
Doomed Abyss Blast Blind: Single Blindna
Acid Breath STR DOwn: Single Erase
Call of Fanatics INT Down: Area Erase
Stinking Gas VIT Down: Area Erase
Undead Mold Virus: Front Viruna
Whip Tongue Stun: Single Erase
Dragon Chaos Blade Curse: Front Cursna
Heavy Stomp Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Lodesong Gravity: Area Erase
Poison Breath Poison: Front Poisona
Petro Eyes Petrification: Single Stona
Voidsong Dispels all buffs: Area
Eft Geist Wall Dispel: Area
Toxic Spit Poison: Front Poisona
Air Elementals Choke Choke: Single Erase
Gravity Gravity: Single Erase
Silence Silence: Single Silena
Dark Elementals Absorb-AGI Absorb-AGI: Single Erase
Absorb-CHR Absorb-CHR: Single Erase
Absorb-DEX Absorb-DEX: Single Erase
Absorb-INT Absorb-INT: Single Erase
Absorb-MND Absorb-MND: Single Erase
Absorb-STR Absorb-STR: Single Erase
Absorb-VIT Absorb-VIT: Single Erase
Bio Bio: Single Erase
Earth Elementals Rasp Rasp: Single Erase
Slow Slow: Single Haste/Erase
Fire Elementals Burn Burn: Single Erase
Ice Elementals Bind Bind: Single Erase
Frost Frost: Single Erase
Ice Spikes Paralysis: randomly effects PCs that hit mob Paralyna
Paralyze Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Light Elementals Dia Dia: Single Erase
Diaga Dia: Area Erase
Thunder Elementals Shock Shock: Single Erase
Shock Spikes Stun: randomly effects PCs who hit mob Erase
Water Elementals Drown Drown: Single Erase
Poison Poison: Single Poisona
Poisonga Poison: Area Poisona
Euvhi (giant flower) Axial Bloom Bind: Area Erase
Stupor Spores Sleep: Area Cure
Viscid Nectar Slow: Front Erase
Evil Weapon Whirl of Rage Stun: Area Erase
Fly Venom Poison: Front Poisona
Fomor Aegis Schism Defense Down: Single Erase
Barbed Crescent Accuracy Down: Single Erase
Dancing Chains Drown: Area Erase
Foxfire Stun: Front Erase
Netherspikes Bind: Front Erase
Funguar Danceshroom Virus: Single Viruna
Dark Spore Blind: Front Blindna
Numbshroom Paralysis/Stun: Single Paralyna/Erase
Queazyshroom Poison: Single Poisona
Silencing Gas Silence: Front Silena
Sleepshroom Sleep: Single Cure
Spore Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Ghost Curse Curse: Area Cursna
Dark Sphere Blind: Single Blindna
Fear Touch Slow: Single Erase/Haste
Terror Touch Attack Down: Single Erase
Ghrah (disco ball)
Goblin Frying Pan Stun: Area Erase
Paralyze Shower Paralysis: Area Paralyna
Smokescreen Blind: Area Blindna
Golem Ice Break Bind: Area Erase
Thunder Break Stun: Area Erase
Goobbue Antiphase Silence: Area Silena
Blank Gaze Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Blow Stun: Single Erase
Gorger Stygian Fatus Paralysis: Area Paralyna
Vacuous Osculation Poison: Single Poisona
Hecteyes Hex Eye Paralysis: Front Paralyna
Hippogryph ?? Gravity: Single Erase
Choke Breath Paralysis/Silence: Front Paralyna/Silena
Jettaturo Terrorize/Bind: Front Erase
Hound Corruption Gas Virus: Area Viruna
Howling Paralysis: Area Paralyna
Nail of Darkness Stun: Area Blindna
Poison Breath Paralyze: Single Poisona
Hpemde Ichor Stream Poison: Front Poisona
Tail Thrust Paralyze: Single Paralyna
Imp Abrasive Tantara Amnesia: Area ??
Deafening Tantara Silence: Area Silena
Lamia ?? Removes all equipment
Hypnotic Sway Amnesia: Area ??
Tail Slap Stun: Area Erase
Leech Acid Mist Attack-50%: Area Erase
Brain Drain INT Down: Single Erase
Sand Breath Blind: Front Blindna
Suction Stun: Single Erase
Lizard Baleful Gaze Petrification: Single Stona
Brain Crush Silence: Single Silena
Infrasonics Evasion Down: Area Erase
Plague Breath Poison: Front Poisona
Magic Pot Mind Drain MND Down: Single Erase
Mysterious Light Gravity: Area Erase
Malboro Bad Breath Silence / Bind / Blind / Gravity / Paralysis / Poison / Stun: Area Silena / Erase / Blindna / Erase / Paralyna / Poisona / Erase
Impale Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Sweet Breath Sleep: Front Cure
Mamool Ja
Mandragora Dream Flower Sleep: Area Cure
Leaf Dagger Poison: Single Poisona
Scream MND Down: Area Erase
Wild Oats VIT Down: Single Erase
Manticore Great Sandstorm Blind: Single Blindna
Great Wind Choke: Single Erase
Riddle Max MP Down: Area Max MP Down: Area
Tail Swing Bind: Single Max MP Down: Area
Marid Voracious Trunk Steals 1 buff and gives to itself: Single
Mimic Death Trap Poison/Stun: Area Poisona/ Erase
Moblin Frying Pan Stun: Area Erase
Paralyze Shower Paralysis: Area Paralyna
Smokescreen Blind: Area Blindna
Opo-opo Claw Storm Poison: Single Poisona
Eye Scratch Blind: Single Blindna
Stone Throw Paralysis: Single Paralyna
Orc Aerial Slash Stun: Single Erase
Battle Dance DEX Down: Area Erase
Slam Dunk Bind: Single Erase
Orcish Warmachine Explosive Bullet Bind: Area Erase
Orobon Hypnic Lamp Sleep: Area Cure
Vile Belch Silence: Area Silena
Phaubo Spine Rush Plague: Front Viruna
Vapor Spray Poison: Front Poisona
Voiceless Storm Silence: Area Silena
Pugil Aqua Ball STR Down: Area Erase
Intimidate Slow: Single Erase/Haste
Puk Obfuscate Flash: Area Erase
Qiqirn Faze Terror: Single (?) none

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