Sorceress (DN)  

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Class: Sorceress (DNASkills)

Equipment Lustre: Obsidian
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This is a Base Class.

The Sorceress relies on medium ranged attacks. They can't do as much damage as an Archer but they rely on status ailments to inflict damage on foes. They can also equip various off hand items that have different effects.

She believes she is the smartest, sexiest, and witchiest. She will find any item, fight any monsters, and perform any task, for the right price. She could have easily become the greatest of her kind but decided gambling was a better use of her time. But her destiny is slowly coming back to her.


Sorceresses are great at crowd control. They can burn, freeze, poison, and slow foes. They use medium ranged attacks. They can also knock back a crowd to provide extra support to her party members.


Intellect is a solid stat for sorceresses as is increases their magical damage and the chance her crowd control abilities will land. Vitality and defense also play a huge role in staying alive to support her friends.

Check out the stats page to find out what each stat is used for.

Armor Sets

The following sets share appearance but give no set bonuses. Rare and above can be improved through Crafting.

1Novice Sorceress
5ExplorationMagic Learner
10CottonApprentice Mage
16 Clover's
Red Army Minotaur
23Mana RidgeCombat Mage
24 IrisAncient
Elf Queen's
26 Pledger
40 Twilight Years Manticore

ArcherSharpshooter (Artillery, Sniper) • Acrobat (Tempest, Windwalker) • Hunter (Detonation, Ranger)
(kDN only) Academic • (Engineer)
ClericPaladin (Crusader, Guardian) • Priest (Inquisitor, Saint) • Monk (Champion, Impulse)
SorceressElementalist (Ice Witch, Pyromancer) • Mystic (Chaos Mage, War Mage) • Warlock (Illusionist, Mistress)
WarriorSwordsman (Gladiator, Marauder) • Mercenary (Barbarian, Destroyer) • Avenger (Abyss Walker, Dark Knight)
TinkererAlchemist (Adept, Physician) • Engineer (Gearmaster, Shooting Star)

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