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Next to each Ancient Wardstone in the Droughtlands you will find a book. It is not a Book or Collection item (Artifact), it is just lore that you can read when you are there. Some of the books, or tablets, will appear only when the conditions for the Wardstone have been met and the Rare Planar Goods merchant appears, while others appear as soon as you activate the Wardstone.

Whatever Skirathos is, a few things are known:

  • It is not originally from Telara, having apparently come here from the world that the Cyclopes came from. There is no way to know if that was its birthplace but the fact that it has a single eye, as do the cyclopes, may be proof that it is.
  • It has a fondness for two food-sources: Centaurs and Sourcestone
  • It can burrow
  • The emanations of active Ancient Wardstones upset or attract it.
  • It takes five or more active Ancient Wardstones to force it to the surface.

A few other things can be gleaned from these tablets:

  • The Cyclopes are not dumb brutes, or at least not all. Those stolen from their world by the Ethians were apparently mostly soldiers, but their civilization boasted ships and artists.
  • Their world was much like our own, with seas, grasslands and temperate zones.

Skirathos has finally been met, fought and killed on the Keenblade shard. "its many legs and single eye" perfectly describes this giant scorpion. He appears only when all ten Ancient Wardstones are controlled by one side.

Natia Sihi's Field Journal, pg 84

...the stone. I recalibrated the sensic device, but the result was the same.

Inantop thinks there's something large embedded in the rock, and that it's moving. Perhaps a tectonic anomaly? Activating the wardstone caused the initial shift, so we'll activate others to replicate the occurrence.


It took four more wardstones, but the sensic is now registering movement. We rushed to the epicenter of the anomaly and are
- from the journal found at the Trapper's Rest Ancient Wardstone

Natia Sihi's Field Journal Pg. 86

...most awful. Atashi ran as fast as she could, but the monster yanked her back into its horrible mouth. Inantop tried to heal her with magic, but had to flee or be drawn into its maw, as well.

As we crested the hill, I turned, and saw the creature attacking the wardstone. Whether hate fueled his efforts, or hunger, I have no evidence. Perhaps we will get some when we return with the armies of Eth. - from the book found at the Stalwart Rise Ancient Wardstone

History of General Sashan Page 206


After crushing the Amethyst Isles pirates and the Gingth barbarian tribes, it seemed that General Sashan could not be defeated. Throughout his five decades in the Ethian military, he had taken part in hundreds of battles, but none could have prepared him for Skirathos.

It was not immediately known what brought the wrath of the terrible beast, though it was later determined that Skirathos is drawn to the wardstones placed by the gods throughout Telara. A research team inadvertantly initiated its most recent resurgence, but evidence suggests the creature has existed for centuries in the eastern wing of the Empire.
- from the book found at the Lantern Hook Ancient Wardstone

Song of Skirathos, Tablet One

On the green plains of Medoc
On the golden hills of Dramasa
The walls of the horse-men rose high and proud
On the winds flew our pennants
On the rivers flew our craft
The builders and artists of our nation made great works
Then came Skirathos
Then came destruction
-from the tablet found at the top of Harlan's Lament

Author Unknown

The world is strange - everything is soft and weak. At first, the tribe was exultant. A new land we would conquer - a new territory to control. But the softlings that brought us had the power of pain. They drove us forward many lengths until we encountered the enemy. After all this time - Skirathos!

Now we knew why Skirathos has not been seen in our homeland for generations. How it came to this world, none know, but even the bravest of our tribe paled at facing the monster with such small numbers, and without our armaments.
-from the tablet found at the Splitmouth Ponds Ancient Wardstone

Official Ethian Testimony, Author Unknown

"many legs and single eye"?
When they took off the blindfold, I was in a small cave that blazed with torchlight. Drawings of Skirathos covered the walls, its many legs and single eye danced around me.

"Skirathos the powerful... Skirathos the ravenous," chanted the cultists. Ritantep ushered me forward and announced my intention to join the Order of Skirathos.

"Do you, Naziri, swear to worship Skirathos, to give power to the wardstones to hasten his return, and to pay the membership fee of 10 gold coins every month?"

After I agreed, there was more chanting and a lot of drinking. I was introduced to all the members of the cult, which I memorized for the Council of Anti-Ethian Activities. These cultists are fools, but their public incineration will prove an excellent deterrent to those who would follow their example.

- from the tablet at the Jagged Fringe Ancient Wardstone

Author Unknown

When Skirathos fell, the army of the softlings rejoiced. A shout went up, but their joy turned to fear when Skirathos regained its feet. The softlings fled, leaving the surviving members of our tribe to perish.

But Skirathos was too tired to fight - it burrowed into the ground, while we cyclops ran into the hills. We have made a home in this soft land, and will free our brothers and sisters still enslaved by the softlings. One day, we will create our own nation, and the softlings will pay for all that they have done to us!
- from the tablet inside the Ant Warrens of Mordant Knoll by the Ancient Wardstone

Song of Skirathos, Tablet Twenty-Three

Ground rumbles, stones shake
The great beast wakes in Telara's belly
The great hunger wakes in Telara's belly
Hungry for god stones
Hungry for horse-men
Skirathos is coming
Skirathos awakes!
- from the tablet found at the top of the Enkaru ruins of Mordant Knoll

The Death of Nesung, Tablet Thirty-Two

...broke against his armor
Fearless Nesung raised his sword
Fearless Nesung raised his challenge
Skirathos met him amidst the bodies
Claws cleaved, horse-men fell
Beside Nesung, Tujek the Strong was struck
Beside Nesung, sharp-eyed Craman died
The Sun Hoof tribe fell back
But Nesung was undeterred
- from the tablet found at the Redoubt by the Ancient Wardstone

History of General Sashan Page 210 amazing decree of logistical brilliance, but the fact remained that fully one third of the Ethian forces assembled to combat Skirathos had been annihilated. Ignoring calls for General Sashan's resignation, the High Council instead promised Sashan whatever support he deemed necessary to put down the threat.

His request took many by surprise.

For generations, the importation of cyclops from the Plane of Earth had been rigorously controlled. Now, however, the General demanded an army of these beings to be brought to Telara and set loose upon Skirathos.

The consequences of this decision would be long lasting.

- from the book found at the Centaur's Stand Ancient Wardstone

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