Silverspring Guardian Leather Coat (RoM Item)  

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Runes of Magic
Silverspring Guardian Leather Coat
Tier 1
Requires Level 16
Leather Upper Body
+4 Dexterity
+17 Maximum HP

Silverspring's Hope (4) Leather
 Silverspring Investigation Handguards (Ggl)
 Silverspring Work Boots (Ggl)
 Silverspring Enforcers Leather Pants (Ggl)
 Silverspring Guardian Leather Coat
2 Pieces: +10 Dexterity
3 Pieces: +10 Dexterity, +18 Defense
4 Pieces: +10 Dexterity, +18 Defense, +25 Physical Critical Hit Rate
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Item Set Notes: The pieces in this set come from the following quests:

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