Shimmersand (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneShimmersand
Rec. Levels43 to 50
Previous Droughtlands
Next Stillmoor
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database:

At various places in this zone you may encounter a Mystical Voyager who will offer to break the monotony, to make your life more fun. If you agree he teleports you to another part of Shimmersand (we are not sure if it is always the same place or not), someplace way off the beaten track. This can lead to your finding areas you did not even realize existed, or it can lead to a long run home or even ignominious death.

We met him in a cave at the west end of Scaldwater Fields and he sent us to Hullbreach Shoals at the mouth of Shimmerscale's cave. As it so happens, another Mystical Voyager was there, too, and sent us to a cave at the border of Fortune's Shore and Khaliti Row, where there was another Mystical Voyager! In fact, we are going to go out on a limb and say that this guy, or this group of guys, is a hidden transport feature tying the entire zone together if only you know his locations and the pattern of travel.

Worn Treasure Maps

Waves of Madness
World Event

Rift: Patch 1.3
These drop from any of the planar invaders involved in the Waves of Madness event in Shimmersand. There are four maps: Blue, Green, Brown and Chestnut. The quests are repeatable as many times as you find maps to start them, but after the first time you will only find 25 Planarite in each cache.

Rare Monsters

There are eight Rare Elite monsters in this zone. When you kill one, all players in the party can loot an item from it that will offer a quest. All of them send you to Tzevi Durdana, Kaseem's Aide on the first floor of The City Center in Fortune's Shore.

Sandaxle Pit


  1. First:
  2. A Hard Road to Travel (43) - Kill 12 Storm Legion Cultists along Broken Road
  3. Larger Than Life (44) - Speak with Tendrick Hugh at Nomad's Furnace

Thamber Barklynn

  1. The Ogres' Prize (43) - Collect 12 Uncut Gemstones
  2. Next:


Raniyah Sahlah

  1. First
  2. Sight Unseen (43) - Use the Seal of the Eth Kings (This is the Access Quest for Farsight Tower)

Jewelled Heights

Hiddensands Treasure Map - at (7254, 6777)

  1. Secrets of the Sands (43) - Locate 6 Pages to the Hiddensands Treasure
  2. Jewels in the Heights (43) - Find the Cache of Akala and deliver it to Thamber Barklynn at Sandaxle Pit

Nomad's Furnace

Tendrick HughCorbin Wembley

  1. Riptalon Gulch:
  2. Gnawbone Valley:

Jubileth Pybbelin

  1. Stone Temple of Earth (44) - Collect 8 Tablet Fragments from Gildstone Sanctum
  2. Stories Bones Tell (44) - Collect 8 Dragonbone Fossils in Gnawbone Valley

Nachri JucamFenzari Kranalin (Defiant) • Horace Pinkston (Guardians)

  1. First:
  2. Next:
    • Vicious Cycle (44) - Kill 10 Storm Legion in Gildstone Sanctum
    • Defiant: The Prize and the Power (44) - Attune yourself to the Defense Cyclone Beacon in Gildstone Sanctum
    • Guardians: Strike the Earth (44) - Attune yourself to the Defense Cyclone Beacon in Gildstone Sanctum
  3. Final:

Riptalon Gulch

Lost Hunter's DiaryLost Huntress

  1. Absent Friends (44) - Find the Lost Huntress in Riptalon Gulch
  2. In Remembrance (44) - Burn the King's Roost and find the Wedding Ring

Gnawbone Valley

Andro Wells

  1. Gold in the Hand (44) - Collect 6 Runemarked Crystal Shards and 6 Runemarked Obsidian Shards from Melanoid and Crystalline golems in Sandwarden Pass

Myia Heretilli

Tempest Plains

Hondo Abasi


Fortune's Shore

Kaseem Owan


  1. Marked for Death (45) - Kill Jovox at Cutthroat Cove
  2. Path of the Dragonslayer (50) - Speak with Mob:Bahram Feris] at Wyrmbane Spire

Alee Nassar

Umi Kakra

JanelynRex Cantor

  1. I Hope You Like Surprises (47) - Find the Adorned Chest
  2. Miracle of Modern Magic (47) - Collect a Fibrous Reed, some Medicinal Balm and some Strong Alcohol


rewards +600 with Dragonslayer Covenant


Free People's Cafe - Defiant

Kaspar Massi

  1. Cruel Methods (45) - Collect 12 Mind Leeches from the mercenaries at Cutthroat Cove
  2. Assistance for Sylver (45) - Speak with Sylver Valis at Veiled Bastion

Asha Catari

  1. Due Respect (45) - Speak with Winstin, Jennia Riyad, and Tzevi Durdana
  2. Traitors Among Us (47) - Interrogate Noah Andern
  3. Street Cleaning (47) - Collect 6 Gutterborn Manifests, 6 Steeljaw Scrolls and 5 Gunpowder Barrels
  4. Explosive Awakening (47) - Plant the bomb and kill Amon Tikal
  5. Grains of Sand (47) - Speak with Essam Fudail at Windfury Post

Suren Kokedai

The Windfane - Guardians

Fayne Doran

  1. Unnatural Means (45) - Collect 12 Mind Leeches from Cutthroat Mercenaries and Enforcers at Cutthroat Cove
  2. Assistance for Jebiah (45) - Speak with Brother Jebiah at Glimmering Light

Tam Daggerborne

  1. Respecting the Locals (45) - Speak with Winstin, Jennia Riyad, and Tzevi Durdana
  2. Trail of Deceit (47) - Interrogate Noah Andern
  3. Betrayer's Alley (47) - Collect 6 Gutterborn Manifests, 6 Steeljaw Scrolls and 5 Gunpowder Barrels
  4. Permanent Slumber (47) - Plant the bomb and kill Amon Tikal
  5. The last Stone (47) - Speak with Essam Fudail at Windfury Post

Khaliti Row

Shabaka Akins

  1. Bitter Rivals (45) - Collect 10 Charged Debris
  2. A Crafter's Lament (45) - Collect 5 Callous Claws and 10 Gleaming Scales from Wading Chompers and Lurking Menaces at Hullbreach Shoals
  3. The Sacred Grotto (45) - Retrieve 8 Sacred Burial Urns from the ancient cave at Bilgewater Grotto
  4. Better to be Feared (45) - Speak with, and kill, Vomoth and Melcoricas

Minkabe Ziyad

  1. We Need a Map (45) - Collect the Smuggler's Map
  2. Exported Heritage (45) - Retrieve the Scarlet Gorge, Iron Pine, Stonefield and Scarwood Shipments
  3. Old But Not Obsolete (45) - Expose 8 Sourcestone Beacons
  4. Sewage Treatment (45) - Kill 12 Polluted Waterlords

Widow's Perch

Lady's Favor

Deadman Gorge

Garem Nassar

Veiled Bastion - Defiant

Sylver ValisSayid Ahzab

  1. Deadman's Gorge:
  2. Seafarer's Folly:
  3. Undying Loyalty (46) - Speak with Kasia Phelorn in The Flatyard

Glimmering Light - Guardian

Brother JebiahMalik Hamal

  1. Deadman's Gorge:
  2. Seafarer's Folly:
  3. Loyal to the Last (46) - Speak with Kasia Phelorn in The Flatyard

The Flatyard

Kasia PhelornAnthon EskarSlitherHazeed

  1. First:
  2. Inside Job (46) - Speak with Anthon Eskar at The Flatyard
  3. Slither the Voice (46) - Speak to Anthon Eskar and acquire a disguise, then use it to get to and speak with Slither
  4. Welcome to the Yard (46) - Kill a Flatyard New Blood
  5. Next:
  6. The Mastermind (46) - Speak to Hazeed's Enforcer
  7. Loose Ends (46) - Kill 3 Aelfwar gang members, 3 Endless gang members, 3 Wanton gang members and 3 Storm Legion gang members.
  8. Final Preparations (46) - Collect the Sourcestone Focusers and 5 Caches of Treasures
  9. The Hour is at Hand (46) - Bring Raz'ahan to Kasia Phelorn in The Flatyard
  10. Foiled Plans (46) - Destroy Hazeed's Rift Machine

Seafarer's Folly


  1. Making a Deal (46) - Gather 7 Gator Flanks and disarm 6 Siren Traps

Windfury Post

The Dustwind Hills, to the southwest, is filled with Troglodytes and Storm Legion. Scaldwater Fields, to the northwest, are a magma-heated swamp of geysers, Tempests and Naga. To the north is Crescent Ridge, where the Storm Legion has been doing mind control experiments on the Trolls, and due west is Sandstorm Refuge, the main Storm Legion camp, armed to the teeth.

Essam Fudail

  1. Bait and Smash (47) - Destroy 6 Hypnotic Repeaters
  2. Servants of Air (47) - Kill 12 Scaldserpent nagas
  3. Crones of Crucia (47) - Kill 6 Priestesses of Crucia
  4. Storm Front (48) - Kill 8 Storm Legion Lieutenants at Sandstorm Refuge
  5. Power Supply (48) - Destroy 6 Crystallized Regulators at Sandstorm Refuge
  6. The Lee of the Stone (48) - Speak with Jamal Fahnza at Leestone Stand

Zahrah Nasira

  1. Engineering Disaster (47) - Collect 12 Crude Naga Charms
  2. Next:
  3. Twisted Perfection (47) - Kill Typhoon Lord, Cyclone Lord, and Hurricane Lord
  4. after Crones of Crucia

Cantara Ayah

Anwar Ghalib

Gregor Banan - Defiant
after Crones of Crucia

  1. The Unlucky Few (48) - Free 3 Defiant Prisoners at Sandstorm Refuge
  2. A Show of Force (48) - use the Kill Switches to destroy the 2 Generators at Sandstorm Refuge

Cala Overeem - Guardians
after Crones of Crucia

  1. Set Them Free (48) - Free 3 Guardian Prisoners at Sandstorm Refuge
  2. The Might of the Legion (48) - use the Kill Switches to destroy the 2 Generators at Sandstorm Refuge

Leestone Stand

Jamal Fahnza

  1. First:
  2. The Khaliti (48) - Speak with Ragheb Fenuk at the Khaliti Refuge

Alish Redrock

Garam the Architect

  1. Recovery Effort (49) - Collect an Etched Sourcestone Core from the Ancient Volcanic Monitor and kill 4 Volcanic Flames in Charred Chasm

Scoured Ledge

Fahad Muti

  1. Beasts of the Order (48) - Capture 3 Wild Griffons in Scoured Ledge and bring them to Fahad

Khaliti Refuge

Ragheb Fenuk

  1. First:
  2. Tainted Earth (49) - Destroy the three Imperfect Earth Elementals
  3. Only Just Begun (49) - Speak with Kira Thanos at Moonrise Hollow


  1. They Took Our Home (49) - Kill 14 Sunblind cyclopes in Sunblind Ascent
  2. Forever Silenced (49) - Kill 10 Sunblind Conjurers in Sunblind Ascent

Moonrise Hollow

Kira Thanos

  1. Torn Asunder (49) - Drain 6 Golden Maw Sentries at Golden Summit of their earth essence, then kill them
  2. Next:
  3. Hazeed's Demise (49) - Draw out and kill Hazeed
  4. Hero of the Defiants (49) - Report to Asha Catari in Fortune's Shore

Hakeem Kedar

  1. First:
  2. Stealing Their Fuel (49) - Collect 3 Sourcestone Crystals from Fomented Earth Mounds

Wyrmbane Spire

Almost all quests originating at Wyrmbane Spire, including Dailies, increase Notoriety with Dragonslayer Covenant.

Bahram Feris

  1. Trial of the Dragonslayer (50) - Collect 8 Fire Magic Residue from burial sites in the Firesand Desert
  2. The Oathsworn (50) - Use the Wanton Ritual Rock, stop the ritual and kill Argon Flameseer
  3. Remains of the Past (50) - Collect 12 Dragonbone Splinters

Farrah Husin


Farrah Husin


Each of the following quests awards +600 Notoriety with the Dragonslayer Covenant.

Bahram Feris

Farrah Husin

Haruka Anan

Sameer Zubari

Thal Hulifan

Gritsquall Haven

Josyr Mahndi

  1. Unfair Advantage (50) - Reveal and kill 4 Agents of Akala
  2. Down to Size (50) - Kill 4 Dune Widows and 18 Dune Crawlers
  3. No Escape but Death (50) - Kill 7 Akalan Vassals, 3 Akalan Drudges and 3 Dune Bullies
  4. Undercover Operation (50) - Collect a Golem Device, use it and retrieve 3 Caches of Wealth
  5. Blood and Sand (50) - Group(3): Kill 10 Nexus Cyclopes, 8 Stone Nexus Golems and 6 Stonehand Defenders

Ganegen Dalub

  1. Army of Stone (50) - Group(3): Call 3 Vortex Essences, over load the Vortex Collector and kill 2 Gritmaw Rubble, and destroy Stonegrip Pillars and kill 4 Nalith's Shards
  2. Desert Power (50) - Group(3): Collect a Golden Core, shatter 20 Charged Boulders and kill the Unbound Fragments, release 2 Imbued Monoliths, and kill 2 Akalan Parasites

Sanari Masu

  1. Tendrils Beneath (50) - Group(3): Collect 4 Crystallized Sourcestone and a Sparkling Gold Lode, and seal Akala's Searchers rift
  2. Rites of Akala (50) - Group(3): Collect 3 Scepters of Akala and 3 burnt Money Bags, use the Covenant Extractor to steal Madina's Energized Prisms and Ogmark's Obsidian Cores

Takavu Zinrah

  1. The Desert Queen (50) - Weekly Raid: Kill Akala

Charmer's Caldera - Dungeon

Sylver Valis

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