Rift Zone:Drowned Halls  

Drowned Halls
Assault Commander Jorb
Joloral Ragetide
High Priestess Hydriss

Telara is doomed, having fallen to mad Akylios. Now Hydriss, the profane dragon’s sorceress-lieutenant, masses her most vicious and sadistic servants to invade our time. These would-be conquerers, armed with the best gear Akylios’s mad genius could devise, threaten to drown us in misery. Gather your allies and turn back their tide! [1]

The Abyssal threat looms large in Drowned Halls, a terrifying sliver in Scarwood where Akylios has conquered Telara. The Ascended must enter this alternate dimension and stop the faceless sorceress Hydriss from leading her forces into other timelines. This 10-player sliver offers rich rewards and terrible dangers to any Guardians and Defiant who brave its apocalyptic events. [2]

See the boss links on the right for specific strategies.

Instance Information
  • Level: 50
  • Instance type: Raid

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