Rift Quest:Fishing with Lures  

Speak to one of the following to begin this quest after completing Deep Water Fishing:


  1. Scribe the Recipe: Irresistible Water Snail that you are given.
  2. Obtain one Smooth Minnow and one Forest Pondleaper (both skill level 1 shallow water fish) and create the Irresistible Water Snail. You don't need a work station to create this item.
  3. Right-click the water snail in your inventory and apply it to your fishing pole. It has 10 charges and will decay when these are all used.
  4. Head out to deep water and fish up a Deep March Eel (Defiant) or Silverwood Devil (Guardian).

This is the last of the introductory fishing quests. Continue to level up with the aide of our Fishing by Zone and Skill guide!

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