Rift Achievement:Go With The Flow  

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The goal of this puzzle is to click the flow regulators in order to allow the energy to reach the pod. A regulator that is red is restricting flow, while a green regulator is allowing flow. You need to click the regulators in order several times. As the energy flows it will light up a series of blue regulators in a line to the pod in front of the puzzle. You must fill all these blue regulators in order to solve the puzzle. Use the steps and image below to help you.


Map Location
Map Location
The puzzle is located at (6460, 1195) in Moonshade Highlands.

You can get here either by using the translocation device inside of Hammerknell Fortress or by doing a bit of mountain climbing to the west of the Fortress. Note that there are level 40 elites in the fortress. Take a friend or be prepared to die a few times on the way up if you're not high level. The actual puzzle itself is free from patrolling mobs.

The achievement Hammerknoll is on the way if you choose to mountain climb.

Step By Step

1. Stand in the position shown in the image above. You will be able to click all regulators from this position. Aim your camera so you are looking down at an angle, this makes it easier to click on the regulators.

2. Start by clicking the first regulator (bottom middle left). Wait approximately 1.5 seconds between each regulator on this round. When you get to the last regulator the first should just be turning red again.

3. Now simply continue to click the regulators as they turn red, in the same order as before. Do not wait, click them the moment they turn red. Some people have found it helpful to "spam click" the next regulator in line.

Video Guide


The blue regulators you are 'charging' will fluctuate quite a lot. Do not give up, it takes many rounds of clicking to complete this puzzle (personally it took about 15 rounds).

Some people have had issues regarding latency when attempting this puzzle. If your connection is slow you may not be able to complete this puzzle alone.

This puzzle IS solvable with multiple people helping. However, only ONE person will be able to loot the puzzle each time it is completed.

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