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Piercing damage is one of the three types of physical damage. This damage usually corresponds to a thrusting, a stabbing, or a firing animation.

Weapon Types

The following weapon types and their physical weaponskills deal piercing damage.

    • Additionally, Rapier type swords such as the Joyeuse and Fleuret deal piercing damage from their melee attacks. However, their physical weaponskills produce slashing damage.

Pets and Pet Abilities


  • Bourdonasse - Melee attacks deal blunt damage.
    • Physical weaponskills performed using the Bourdonasse will still deal piercing damage.

  • Chiroptera Dagger - Melee attacks deal slashing damage.
    • Physical weaponskills performed using the Chiroptera Dagger will still deal piercing damage.

Mob Family Damage Relation

Weak to Piercing

Strong to Piercing

Immune to Piercing

Special Notes

  • When used on Undead type mobs, the White Magic spell Banish reduces the damage resistance for melee attacks.
  • The Warrior merit job ability Tomahawk will temporarily reduce all forms of damage resistance that a mob possesses.

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