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Overview of Oceanids

Oceanids is changing for 2008. We will still quietly get on with the business of fighting some of the most advanced battles in the game. However we are expanding to the role of a full HNM, and dropping Sky once we clear final wishlists, and increasing registration requirements.

Established 3 years, Oceanids was originally set up to complete CoP missions. We have now helped over 300 players get Sea access, and do Dynamis, Assault, Salvage, Einherjar, Sky, Sea, Limbus and all missions, NMs, quests, ENMs, and HNMs as and when.

This is a mid-level activity shell, while we are not the most hardcore shell on the server, and no events are compulsory, we do ask that you attend at least 3 of each event you wish to earn points from, per month.

Also, as we are focusing on an Absolute Virtue strategy, you should be interested in Sea; if you dislike it and don't want to do Sea events, or do Sea with another shell, then this is not the shell for you.

If you wish to achieve AFv2, AF+1, Homam + Nashira, Sea Torques, Capes & Weapons, Sky Armor & Weapons, Assault + Salvage items, Ancient Beastcoin items or upgrade Relic, then all you need to do is start attending events.


Leaders running events in-game include: Aesica, Zylo, Pastor, Zetsuei, Dhalsim Icequeen, Jovian, Raiderboy, Vlacatocc, Wooooodum and Zalia.

Sackholders and forum mods include: Dhalsim, Raiderboy


Oceanids are not stalled in recruitment. We have about 20 Kirin kills under our belt, and another 15 pop sets to burn before we quit Sky. We have about 7 Jailer of Loves under our belts, and another 7 sets almost built.

We hit every Tier I Jailer several times a month, every Sky god, Jailer of Love 2-3 times per month, Proto-Omega and Proto-Ultima monthly.

We also get through more events per week than most shells due to our distribution over timezones: 3 Limbus (EU, EST, PST), 2 Dynamis, 3 Sea, 3 Sky, 4 Salvage, and Special Events which include HNMs, KSNM99s, and Kings.


Rather than completely close the shell, as people will always leave/quit for various reasons, we will still continue to admit people.

However new shell requirements will be:


COP complete up to 8-4 / ready for Bahamut v1

ZM complete up to ZM14 / ready for DM

2 level 75 jobs

NIN Sub & SAM Sub for melees

All appropriate subs for Mages including RDM/DRK, BLM/NIN, and WHM/SMN with all avatars.

Approval by both Aesica and one other sackholder for entry. 30-day veto period by all leaders.


You may join the Dynamis shell to do Dynamis at 65. You will not receive an Oceanids pearl. You may use the site to get help, and once you hit 75, beat CoP and ZM, you will receive your Oceanids Pearl. Oceanids should then be your only HNMLS.

We are currently particularly interested in WHMs, BLMs, SMNs and WARs.

Summary of members

Oceanids members range from full AFv2 veterans with multiple 75s, to players working on their first 75, from 15 to 50 years old.

The common thread that joins us together regardless of whether you have 24/7 playtime or a few hours a week is a commitment to making the hardest events in the game as easy as they can be for each other, by showing up on time, having the correct jobs levelled and equipped properly, and excelling in our fields whether those be administrative or whacking rabbits with swords.

The atmosphere in our pearl is always social, but everyone is usually busy, so being the kind of person that can plan in advance and manage to turn up on time to pre-arranged events is very important, as is being able to take a joke. Theres no drama, and this is probably not a shell for the prudish.

Linkshell Rules

1. Turn up on time. We run a busy schedule and lateness will result in missing runs, and ultimately losing points.

2. Be prepared. You should have a regular game income stream to join Oceanids, as RR items, good food and being equipped well are necessary when undertaking battles such as Proto-Omega. There is always an opportunity to earn from ENMs, HNMs, or simply earning from the LS banks which buy coins and share out profit from money drops.

3. Be committed. If you join Oceanids, then lounge around expecting somebody to turn up with a party of 17 and hold your hand, you won't thrive in Oceanids.

Points & Drops

Points for 2008 will continue to be seperate for Sea. Limbus, Dynamis & Sky.

However you will now also be able to earn points for these areas by farming in small groups. You will receive 2 points per pop item. Valid items:

Grhah M Chips HQ Euwvhi Organs HQ Aern Organs IxAern Deeds Jailer Virtues Sky Gems Sky Stones Ro'Maeve Water Diorite Curtana

In addition to your standard wishlists for scheduled events, you will be allowed during January to create a 2008 "Dreamlist" for special events.

This should be for items you won't achieve in scheduled events.

Your points from Sky, Sea and all other LS events will count towards these.

New Events

As Sky closes will start new events. These will comprise events such as, but not limited to:

Ouryu Cometh Bahamut v2 Jormungand ENMs BCNMs Cerberus Kings Einherjar (again) WotG endgame as announced Salvage (more) Assault NMs Khimaira KV Hydra Tiamat Vrtra

Based on the 2008 wishlists, I will build a timetable of events to give us a varied and fun grouping of events that will allow everyone to obtain their dream items.

You will earn special events points for getting ToDs and camping spawns.

Special Events Points Scheme

Once the 2008 lists are drawn up, we will combine points from Sea, Sky, Limbus and Dynamis to give the Special Events Points.

Highest points will get first events, we will intersperse these with Assault nights, NM nights, etc.

You will need a minimum of 50 points to have a Special Event for your gear. When you get your item, you will lose 50 points - 10 from each event you hold points in, and the remainder from your Special Event points.

Gil Drops

By changing the schedule like this, the LS will see more gil drops. At the end of each month, all members will receive a gil payout from Special Event drops.

As per the Kirin drops, you will get the money split out in proportion of your special events points. Special events points themselves will count for 50% of your totals, and combined points from other events will count towards 50%.

Linkshell Events

Here is rough calendar. This is expanding all the time. We are also looking for leaders to take responsibility for more farming runs, more Assault statics, and certain HNM camping days.

Mondays: GMT/EST Sky 2pm EST / 7pm GMT, EST/PST Sea

Tuesdays: Dynamis 5pm EST // Assault statics

Wednesdays: Sky (EU>EST) 1pm - 9pm EST // Limbus 9.15pm EST

Thursdays: EU Limbus 2pm EST / 7pm GMT, EU/EST Sea 9pm GMT / 4pm EST onwards

Fridays: Special Events

Saturdays: Dynamis 2pm EST // Sky (EST>PST) 6pm EST - 11pm EST


8am EST: Salvage 11am: Sea Farming & Tier Is 2pm: Sea Tier IIs and Jailer of Love 6pm: Limbus - Proto-Weapons

Sundays gets its own section, as if you have Sea access you are expected to attend 2 Sundays per month.

How to Join

Applications can be made at The Oceanids Homepage - do it by making a PM to Aesica. You can get a pearl from sackholders at event start times, or in Whitegate/Jeuno by /telling, or see the list of sackholders/timezones on the website.

We ask that new recruits have a 75 job levelled, CoP 6-4 or later, Sky access and you require approval for joining. If you are prepared to work hard on getting a static going we will accept earlier missions and assist you.

You will need approval before you can receive access to the private areas of our site containing TODs and schedules, but all lotting rules are listed with the current calendar.

Achieving Equipment with Oceanids

Achieving Equipment is very easy. Most of our members have what they want and so the queues are short, except for items such as Byakko's Haidate, Kirin's Osode, the Altruistic Cape, Novio Earring, Fortitude Torque. However most of these items we obtain 2-3 a month so achieving any goal from AFv2 5/5 to Homam Corazza is quick and efficient with Oceanids.

All points and banks are seperate for events. You earn points for hours attended, showing up on time, and staying to the end of runs as appropriate. Lots cost points and usually a wishlist system or auction system is in place.

Generally you need to have a minimum amount of points to "lock" a wishlist position and then if you are first in line, the item is yours. If you don't have sufficient points, then the next person in line with locked position, AND you, may lot.

If you don't make your minimum attendances you will lose your points. But Real Life is always more important than FFXI and you will never be penalised if you let us know in advance.


Some events have an LS bank associated. This is a virtual bank held by Aesica and updated online weekly. You may receive gil split in proportion of points at certain events, or the bank may be used to pay for events, or to buy your ancient currency from you to save you the hassle of selling it. The LS Banks are a privilege and not a right, and departing members do not receive a payout. All information is kept online in a transparent fashion and all drops are screenshotted. Because of this we do not tolerate accusations, demands or drama regarding gil, its a necessary evil and we try to make it as painless as possible for members, but you should be aware you are joining a shell with bank systems and ensure you are comfortable with how this operates out of game, not ingame.

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