Mercenaries (Rift guild)


We are a fun group of peeps looking for PVE and sometimes PvP action. It's all about having fun here at Mercenaries in Rift,Wolfsbane Server!!! We are have been rolling Experts and hosting Lots of Raids . Sometimes we are playing war-fronts nearly every day. . It is an exciting time here at Mercenaries as we continue to grow. Bringing both new players and old into the guild while we build strong allies ! 

Mercenaries are free.
We stand tall as a tree.
Our roots founded us to grow tall.
All Mercenaries becons the call,
One for all and all for one.
We're all out to have fun.
Win or loose, it shouldn't matter.
It's the point of trying until we succeed faster.
No one greater or lesser in our eyes.
We uphold each other equally in the skies.
Anyone has a right to speak up what they may.
We will not keep anyone at bay.
We will sail out any which way.
We will not let anything to make our hairs go gray.
No matter how much time spent without play.
We gave it all for this day.
Bound together we will never sway!


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