Mercenaries (EQ2)  

Mercenaries are NPCs for hire. Hire a mercenary that takes up a group slot, has a monetary fee and takes a small slice of experience from fighting.

To use a mercenary you must have purchased the account feature, Mercenaries, from the Marketplace (or was included with the purchase of Age of Discovery).

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A mercenary's purchase price varies by level. This is a large upfront fee the first time you acquire that mercenary. The mercenary will then charge you an upkeep fee every 30 minutes; this amount also is increased as you level up.

Like any group member, mercenaries take their cut of experience, but they do not take coin (aside from the upkeep) or loot items. If you do not have enough money on you to cover their upkeep, they will leave your service.

If you are changing mercenaries you will have to pay the new mercenary their hiring fee, even if you have hired them in the past.


Currently there are ten regular mercenaries to chose from. No need to guess, their icons show their archetype, and hailing them will tell you their class. Available types are Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS, Caster DPS, and Support mercenaries. Healers have a chance of actually rezzing you!

You can manage your merc's appearance clothing via your persona window. Add any armor you want to your mercenary to display, but remember that they will get no additional benefit from it. It's akin to equipping a mannequin; the armor will remain with you.

The suspend timer is 2 minutes. If you suspend your merc (or they die), you'll have to wait 2 minutes to unsuspend/resume them. When a merc dies he becomes suspended. You can resume him from the mercenary window in your persona or you can type /merc resume. You cannot unsuspend a mercenary in combat.

A mercenary will lose confidence, panic and suffer from a stat decrease if you don't keep them healed.

Mercenary Slash Commands

  • /merc ranged
  • /merc melee
  • /merc resume (unsuspends the merc)
  • /mercname
  • /merc attack
  • /merc backoff
  • /togglemerc (this will toggle the merc window on and off)
  • /cl_ignore_merc_chatter [true|false] - toggles mercenary group chat on and off.

Mercenary Slots

Mercenary slots launched with Game Update 68. They are not required to use or hire mercenaries. Instead, unlocking a merc slot will allow you to hot-swap between mercenaries without going back to wherever you originally hired them. To unlock the ability to hot-swap a mercenary, pay a one-time-per-mercenary unlock fee of 100 Station Cash slot in the Mercenary tab of your Character window.

Every mercenary you hire after Game Update 68 will now show in your mercenary window. You do not have to pay 100 Station Cash to use those mercenaries; you can always run back to their spawn point and hire them the regular way. However, if you choose to unlock that mercenary's slot you will then have the ability to switch to it wherever you are.

To emphasize: It costs you absolutely nothing to use your mercenaries the way you always did.

You can always use the /merc_resume command if you are having trouble bringing your mercenary back out. The default UI window for mercenaries changed, so please ensure that your UI files are up-to-date.

Mercenary Management/Hiring Window (click to enlarge)
Mercenary Management/Hiring Window (click to enlarge)
Current Mercenary View (click to enlarge)
Current Mercenary View (click to enlarge)
In the above picture, the player is using Perrin and has unlocked Bdorn. She's hired Krivix and Mindbender Talid at some point.

She can swap between Bdorn and Perrin anytime she wants, but to switch to Krivix or Talid she will have to either go back to town or pay a one-time fee of 100SC to unlock their slots.
BUG: The hire and salary prices were cosmetically swapped on the Beta server. The actual prices have not changed.
View Current Mercenary Button

View All Mercenaries Button


If you see one mercenary hanging around, there's likely more nearby. It is possible to sneak into other cities and hire their mercenaries. The mercenaries from cities of opposing alignment to you will appear in either Qeynos or Freeport once hired, but Elite mercenaries will not (you would have to find them again out in the world if you dismissed them).

Standard Mercenaries

East Freeport:
Seafarer's Roost:


  • Brenin Stoutheart - Militia Soldier Mercenary (Guardian) - ( -220, -55, -3 ) .
  • Stamper Jeralf - Archon Mercenary (Inquisitor) ( -237, -55, 14 ) .
  • Bellut Shortsong - Songspinnar Mercenary (Dirge) ( -252, -55, -13 ) .

On the harbor side of the Seafarer's Roost is a staircase leading down. At the bottom ( -243, -65, -10 ) you can enter a room where many mercenaries hang out.

Qeynos Harbor:
Fish's Alehouse and Inn:

  • Jennis Proudhilt - Antonican Guard Mercenary (Paladin) - ( 816, -23, 67 )
There are mercenaries throughout the Inn, on all three floors.

On the platform near the City Merchant at 2626, 66, 1169 .

In Indigo Hollow, just inside the gate and to the east:

In Jysolin's Pub:

New Halas:
In Coldwind Hall at 92, 153, -174

Ancient Mercenaries

Perrin (Elite Merc) in Withered Lands
Perrin (Elite Merc) in Withered Lands
To hire these mercenaries you need an Ancient Skyshrine Control Wand which is obtained in the Underdepths group instance from the second to the last named. Mercenary locations are from EQ2 Maps.

  • Laborine Construct - Monk - Lyceum of the Recondite at 350.68, 0.01, 40.77
  • Archon Construct - Inquisitor - Dracur Prime at -342.64, 1.55, -18.73
  • Demolisher Construct - Brigand - Covenant District at 97.88, 0.55, -376.28

CoE Looted Mercenaries

These are obtained by looting a mercenary token and consuming them, after consumption the merc can be found and hired. The token description says which class the merc is and the general area where the merc can be found.

  • Captain Bloodstain' - looted in Dreadcutter (heroic) Beserker mercenary. Hired on the beach in Obol Plains at 310.60, -5.28, 930.73 .
  • Dolsie Songspinner - (looted in Harrow's End: Baleful Dominion) Troubador mercenary. hired somewhere on the docks in Obol Plains.
  • Kilphin - (looted in Throne of Fear) Assassin mercenary. Hired outside Temple of the Faceless in Eidolon Jungle.
  • Raghnagt the Gnawer - (looted in Wurmbone's End) Brigand mercenary. Hired from Wurmbone Cleft in Jarsath Wastes.
  • Yadeht Fohctac - (looted in Chelsith: The Ancient Vault) Warden mercenary. Hired near the cave opening to Chelsith: the Ancient Vault in Jarsath Wastes.

AoM Looted Mercenaries

  • Zelbie Whackya - (drop location needed) Pirate Mercenary! This mercenary uses brigand abilities and can be hired somewhere on the beaches of Death Weave Isle.
  • Quaar the Feral - (reported to drop in a Heroic Ossuary instance) Urzarach Mercenary. This mercenary uses berserker abilities and can be hired on Death Weave Isle.
  • Lorr'kejut - (drop location needed) Allu'thoa Mercenary. This mercenary uses inquisitor abilities and can be hired on the north side of the big hill on North Dshinn in the Phantom Sea.
  • Zelbie Whackya - (drops from the final named in Zavith'loa: The Lost Caverns) Pygmy Mercenary. This mercenary uses paladin abilities and can be hired from the pygmy village of Bawgava on South Dshinn.

We need exact drop info on the AoM Mercs

Elite Mercenaries

Elite mercenaries are rare, expensive and more powerful. Note that they despawn for a while from the world when hired so there will be gaps between players being able to find them. These mercenaries are much more expensive then normal mercenaries (reported costs are 30p  to hire and 3p  every 30 minutes for upkeep -- UPDATE: on July 9, 2013 we noticed that elite merc upkeep is now only 50 gold for a level 90+ character). The elite mercs are hybrid type classes. [1] These mercenaries are estimated to have a reset timer of 3-4 days once one is hired.

  • Matri Dut - Nayad Brigand/Wizard - found in Stonebrunt Highlands
  • Kenny - Billy Doll Guardian/Mystic - found in Nektulos Forest
  • Perrin Wanderhoof - Corrupted Satyr Fury/Warlock - found in Withered Lands

Lets just say these guys do not spawn the same way everything else does in game. So if they are not up in one place that doesn't really mean if you wait long enough they will show up. Multiple players can have them at the same time one player having one will not stop it from spawning somewhere for others to hire.

When these mercenaries were first added they shared a spawn across zones. Thus you could never really know which zone they were in. This caused some issues if noone was in one of the zones so we pulled it down to them only spawning in one zone. Each of them have well over 20 different spawn points across the entire zones not just two or three as some have reported. There was an issue a week or so back where they were spawning much faster than they were supposed to but this has been fixed and they are back to spawning at the rate we wanted them to.

Tips: You can track these mercenaries (or use the Ranger merc from Kelethin to track) or you could try asking local guards for Matri, Kenny, or Perrin if guards are available in the zone!

Special Mercenaries

Upkeep Table

These are known upkeep costs for regular mercenaries. Upkeep is charged every 30 minutes that a mercenary is active (not suspended).

The prices were changed in 2013; please help update the information!

Level Range Cost
1-10 1s 
11-20 2s 
21-30 8s 
31-40 25s 
41-50 50s 
51-60 5g 
61-70 8g 
71-80 20g 
81-92 20g 

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December 6, 2011

Game Update #68
Game Update 68
ETA: November 12, 2013

ZAM would like to thank Senya for the mercenary slot explanation.

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