Marauder's Lair (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
DNArmory map
Crystal Stream (Raider's Rock)
Regenerating Orc Warrior
Daredevil Armored Poochum
Speedy Kobold Archer
Destructive Orc Warrior
Daredevil Kobold Bomber
Speedy Armored Poochum
Abyss Bosses
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Dragon Nest

Path: Crystal Stream (Raider's Rock) —> Marauder's Lair

Stage 1

Smash the barricades to reach the mobs. Kill them all. Two Elena's Flags here, one beside the lookout tower before the bridge, and one by the tent between bridge and stage door.

Stage 2

Clear poochums and kobolds, smash barricade to left and clear archers. Enter the "picnic grove" for chest. Opening it calls the mobs (a troll and some enraged poochums).

This is the Ambusher Troll for Steak of Everlasting Youth.

Back in the clearing where you entered, clear the other barricade that was to your right and clear mobs to reach the next door and another troll with kobolds.

Stage 3

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