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Runes of Magic
This is a complete guide on making Macros using the in-game default UI. There may be add-ons for Macros but that is not covered in this guide. We will introduce you to a few simple examples and a few complex applications, and will include a complete table of available commands at the bottom of this page.

First, to start, Press Escape (Esc) and choose "Macros", or type /macro in chat, to open the Macros interface.

Select an empty position and press "New" to start a new Macro. This opens the "Macro Contents" window. At the top you can press the left-arrow icon to open a display of Icons that you can assign to your new Macro. You also have a text window to enter a name.

Let's start with a very simple Macro. This will be a "Social" macro, simply combining some test and an emote.

New Commands Introduced:

  • /s message - Say message in the local chat channel
  • /wait n - pause macro execution for n seconds. May be a fraction.
  • /dance - Perform the Dance emote

Macro: Victory Dance

/wait 1.5
/s That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
/wait 2
/s Who's your daddy?! Huh?!

Next, we will make a macro to cast a couple of buffs. You need to target who you want to buff first.

New Commands Introduced:

  • /cast Ability Name - Invokes an ability
  • %t - system variable, will be replaced by the Name of your current target

Macro: Buffs

/s Buffing %t...
/cast Savage Blessing
/wait .75
/cast Frost Arrow
/wait .75
/cast Arrow of Essence

Now, we are gonna get a little trickier, combining the above into a combat macro.

Macro: Bow Attack

/s Attacking %t!
/cast Snipe
/wait 4.25
/cast Vampire Arrows
/wait .75
/cast Autoshot
/wait .75
/cast Shot
/wait .75
/cast Wind Arrows
/wait .75
/cast Wind Arrows
/wait .75
/cast Wind Arrows
/s pew pew!

List (for now, will make it a table later...)

  • |cffrrggbb - set text color to an RGB value. (ff is a bitmask and must be ff)
  • |r - reset color
  • /s, /g, /z, /world, /w - Output text to the Say, Guild, Zone, World or Whisper channels
  • /wait n - pause macro execution for n seconds. May be a fraction. Note that the inter-ability standard cooldown is .75
  • /cast Ability Name - Use a Skill, Spell or other Ability
  • %t - Variable defined by the system to be replaced by the name of your current target.
  • all emotes can be used just as they would be typed in chat

work in progress

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