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A Lore Object
A Lore Object
Throughout the planets are scatterd objects that, when examined, will add an entry to your Codex. Finding all the Lore Objects for a planet will gain an achievement.

We did not initially bother to catalogue these objects, so we are starting from the middle and will reorganize them later when the list is more complete.

PlanetObject NameLocationCodex EntryNotes
TythonMysterious Stone Carvingin Lower Kaleth at (-390, -25)Locations>Ruins of Kaleth
TythonItem Modificationin Jedi Temple at (-145, -80)Game Rules>Item Modificationsand a Rank 2 mod item
HuttaEvocii Totemin Evocii Swamp at (-272, 970)Lore>Evocii Exile
HuttaEvocii Totemin Evocii Swamp at (-145, 417)Lore>Evocii History
HuttaEvocii Totemin The Eastern Grime at (78, 428)Lore>Evocar
HuttaEvocii Totemin The Eastern Grime at (51, 673)Lore>Evocii Tribes
HuttaEvocii Totemin The Bog at (-195, 13)Organizations>Renegade Evocii
HuttaItem Modificationin Jiguuna at (-400, 15)Game Rules>Item Modificationsand a Rank 2 mod item
HuttaVarlin Fa'atrha's Palace at (552, 580)>Varl
HuttaHuttin Fa'athra's Palace at (475, 48)Species>Hutt
HuttaFa'athra's Thronea bottle on his dais in Fa'athra's Palace at (617, 66)Persons of Note>Fa'athra the Hutt
HuttaCarbonite Freezingin Fa'athra's Palace (Level 2) at (716, 49)Lore>Carbonite Freezing
CoruscantGandin Old Galactic Marketplace at (2225, 432)Species>Gand
CoruscantReconstruction of Coruscantin Old Galactic Market, Shipping and Receiving Docks at (2441, 456)Lore>Reconstruction of Coruscant
Dromund KaasThe Spires of Victoryin Kaas City (on a walkway) at (-177, 45)Lore>The Spires of Victory
Dromund KaasMonument to Lord Ergastin Kaas City (Kaas Plaza) at (-340, 24)Lore>Monument to Lord Ergast
Dromund KaasGrathan Forcesat Lord Grathan's Estate (-404, -53)Organizations>Grathan Forces
IlumDeep-Minersa crate on the Eastern Shelf (Imperial Mining Camp) at (47, -22)Organizations>Deep-Miners
KorribanThe Dark CouncilSith Academy level 3 (-418, 86)Organizations>The Dark Council
TarisTaris and Non-humansin The Sinking City: Republic Reconstruction Grounds at (-611. -129)Lore>Taris and Nonhumans
TarisThe Promised Onesin Transport Station 5 at (1209, -616, -144)Lore>The Promised Ones
TarisRepublic Reconstruction (Empire)a shipping crate in Olaris Reclamation Base at (-2997, -292)Lore>Republic Reconstruction
TarisTarisian Settlersan equipment locker in The Sinking City (Endar Spire Crash Site) at (56, -147)Lore>Tarisian Settlers
TarisMorgukaiempty footlocker in The Sinking City (Imperial Occupation Grounds) at (-449, -137)Organizations>Morgukai
TarisPirates and Scavengers (Empire)Packing crate in Tularan Marsh (Forgotten Undercity) at (995, -174)Organizations>Pirates and Scavengers
TatooineImperial Reclamation Servicea large basket in The Dune Sea (Motesta Oasis) at (89, 455)Organizations>Imperial Reclamation Services
TatooineSand Peoplein Mos Anek at (-2443, 417)Species>Sand People
AlderaanNoble Housesin Rhu Caenus Spaceport at (206, 284) or Pallista Spaceport at (-1482, 1384, 226)Lore>Noble Houses
AlderaanHouse Aldein The Juran Mountains: House Alde at (1653, 229)Organizations>House Alde
AlderaanHouse Ristin The Juran Mountains: House Alde at (628, 277)Organizations>House Rist
AlderaanHouse Organain Lustar Cave at (792, 211)Organizations>House Organa
AlderaanThe War for Alderaan's Thronein Castle Panteer at (-2411, 112)Lore>The War for Alderaan's Throne
AlderaanHistory of Alderaanon a table in Wardpost Luurdes at (1342, 192)Lore>History of Alderaan
BelsavisThe Domination Experimentsan ammo crate behind Colonel Hauer in High Security Section, Republic Watchtower at (17, 262)Lore>The Domination Experiments
BelsavisBelsavis Prisonersa corpse in Minimum Security Section, Terrorist Detention Sector at (500, 279)Organizations>Belsavis Prisoners
VossMystic Visionsa datapad on the crate behind the Republic Medical Droid at The Old Paths (Shrine of Healing) at (-1971, -24)Lore>Mystic Visions
CorelliaStarship ManufacturingBlastfield Shipyards Artisan Arrivals Court at (824, 4)Lore>Starship Manufacturing
CorelliaThe Rocket Tram SystemGround floor of the Blastfield Shipyards Tram Station at (599, 21)Lore>The Rocket Tram System
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