Lakshmi linkshells  

Some adventurers use linkshells to communicate with friends. Others create linkshells to accomplish missions or coordinate large-scale attacks against notorious monsters.

Here, you can create pages to describe your various linkshells. Only one page per linkshell, please. If your linkshell is accepting new members, feel free to write "recruiting" alongside the name of your group.

For partial-endgame, mission, crafting, nation and job linkshells, please list your linkshell's events next to your group's name. For example, a linkshell under the heading "Endgame Linkshells, Some Events" would be listed as "MobBusterz: Sea, Dynamis, Assault." Please use only your linkshell's name for your page link.

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Endgame Linkshells, All Events

Limbus Linkshells, Other event shells


Leader: Caskaa Sacks: Strange, Kiera, Sahearniitth Times: Friday 8:00 PM est Monday when soap is up Website: None Not currently accepting applicants.


Leader: Ayvaen Times: Wednesday 9:00 Pm Est, Saturday 10:00Pm Est Website:


Leader: Perdition Sackolders: Furby, Ranjit, Aarond, Nanos, Murakami Days: Monday 10:30 PM Est, Thursday 10:30 PM Est Website: Text


Leader: Atmosk Sackholders: Sajihellian, Tanis, Narutosasuke, WraithPK Days: Monday 7:30 PM Est, Friday 8:00 PM Est Website:

The Commissionn

Leader: Holman Sackholders. Miracles, Zexion, Troy, Zephiroth Days: Wednesday 10:00 PM Est, Sunday 11:00 PM Est Website:


Leader: Venn Sackholders: Fliggity, Lucrezia, Meshe and Tsakiki Time: Thursdays 8:30 PM EST, Sundays 8:30 PM EST Forum:



Leader: Damiion Sackholders: Sunflower, Zartossa Days: Friday 10:00 PM Est, Saturday 10:00PM Est Site: N/A

Dynamis Linkshells

Most Dynamis linkshells reserve their days and times on the RustyBuckets calendar. It can be found at


Leader:Miggaadda Sackholders: Zeropaul, Dragn, Andreasleopold, Karelia Dynamis: Mondays 8:30 Pm Est, Thursday 8:30 Pm Est Website:


Leader: Avernus Sackholders: Cidjagger Darkonis Ezzelin Dynamis: Saturday 2:00 PM EST, Tuesday 8:00 PM EST Website:


Leader: Arkanna Sackholders: Allissa, Lyca, Jebadiah, Hin, Dwyn and Sesshomaru Dynamis: Wednesdays 8:30 pm est, Sunday 1:00 pm est Website:

MagicMonster (BlackMage Dynamis Linkshell)

Leader: Giggi Sackholders: Xcalibur, Minimimi, Gelly Dates: Every Saturday 10:00pm EST


Leader: Veli Sackholders: Hoover, Mango, Spot, Xyrielle, Oreneshii, Kunikazu Dynamis: Sundays, 6:00 pm est, Wednesdays, 6:00 pm est Website:


Leader: Sumira Sackolders: Caskaa, Sahearniitth, Circan and Deathrattle Dynamis: Wednesdays, 8:00pm est, Sundays, 6:00pm est Website: Forums & Calendar:


Leader: Venn Sackholders: Albany, Allia, Fliggity, Goldfish, Lucrezia, Meshe and Tsakiki Time: Wednesdays 8:00 PM EST, Saturdays 8:00 PM EST Website:


Leader: Ayvaen Sackholders: Alveen, Xenedra, Tsuru, and Draymor Dynamis: Sundays, 12:30 pm est, Wednesdays are revolving times, Contact a Sack for Details Website:

TheFallenAngels (Gods) and FADynamis (Dynamis)

Leader: Jordainavon Sackholders: Garion, Juanmiguel, Kunami, Pacha, Pezant, Weenie, Puba and DarkAlpha Item Hunts: no set schedule Gods: no set schedule Dynamis: Sundays, 7:00 pm est, Thursdays, 7:00 pm est Website: http:// Forums http://


Leader: Damyen Sackholders: Aramaic, Darkgoddess, Doron, Mingo, Reddwarf, Sulfin, Tetsuyo, Zohii Gods/Sea: Days vary, times are always 8:00PM Est. Dynamis: Wedesday 8:00 PM Est, Sunday 8:00PM Est. Website:

Grail of Destiny (Gods) GoDVsDynamis (Dynamis)

Leader: Wishmoon Sackholders: Dracia, Steeftooth, Shaldran Item Hunts: Wednesday 6pm GMT/1pm EST, Saturday 5pm GMT/12pm EST Gods: Saturday after farming Dynamis: Monday 2:00 Pm Est, Thursday 2:00 Pm Est Website:

SearchAndDestroy (Gods and Dynamis)

Leader: Aerec Sackholders: Cymry, Juc, Sabredazer, Prime Item Hunts: None ATM Gods: None ATM Dynamis: Sundays, 8:00 pm est, Thursdays, 8:00 pm est Website:

SoullessSoldiers (Gods) DynamisSoldiers (Dynamis)

Leader: Miracles Sackholders: Dannick, Zephirot, Zexion, Tuluhulu Mesiah, Yahka and Uncus Item Hunts: Wednesdays 7:30 Pm Est Gods: Sundays 1:00 Pm Est Dynamis Sackholders: Dannick, Zephirot, Mesiah and Uncus Dynamis: Tuesdays 8:00 Pm Est, Saturdays 1:00 Pm Est Website:

Subtle Sedduction

Leader: Lascivius Sackholders: Judah,Coronos,Rycemyster,Aphelion Gods: Sundays 7:00 Pm Est, Wednesday 7:00 Pm Est, Thursday 7:00 Pm Est Dynamis: Monday 8:30 Pm Est, Friday 8:30 Pm Est Website: w

WingedSymphonyZ (Gods) and DynamisSymphony (Dynamis)

Leader: Phildo WS Sackholders: Achillies, Katson, Lyca, Maori, Revyn, Slayride DS Sackholders: Achillies, Gallie, Hector, Klefto, Leiah, Phildo, Revyn Item Hunts: Thursdays, 3:00 pm est Gods: Saturdays, 12:00 pm est Dynamis: Fridays, 4:30 pm est Website:

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