Jarsath Wastes (EQ2 Quest Series)  

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Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
Starting ZoneJarsath Wastes
Rec. Levels77 to 80
Previous Kunzar Jungle
Next Rise of Kunark Raid Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

 See Rise of Kunark City Tasks for City Task quests that start in Kylong Plains at Dreg's Landing and require you to travel to this zone.


There are 4 factions that you can interact with in the Jarsath Wastes: The Sel'Nok Brigade, Clan Skleross, the Legion of Danak, and Clan Stormshield.

The Sel'Nok Brigade

This faction series starts in the Stonehoof Badlands when you enter the zone from Kylong Plains. Down the path and on your left, on a boulder, you will find Emissary Dih'ri. He will eventually send you to talk to Diviner De'Voch in a cave directly north of him. When Diviner De'Voch and Battlemaster Kythe deem you worthy, Kythe will tell you to talk to Warlord Sel'Nok. He will eventually tell you of a scouting party he sent to the Skyfire Mountains. This will take you to Scout Nan'Dor at The Sel'Nok Scout Encampment.

During your work for Emissary Dih'ri you will also meet Agent Zhatia, a dark elf double-agent working for The Sel'Nok Brigade as well as the Legion of Danak (and anyone else that will pay her, one assumes). She is camped just below the Iksar Hero statue near Venril's Crown and Traitor's Pass.

Clan Skleross

The Skorpikis' of Clan Skleross have abandoned their duty to guard the tomb of Venril Sather's queen, as they no longer believe that Venril will ever fulfill his promises to them. This has put them at odds with the faithful of Clan Durus. Lord Sheckt will ask several tasks of you, then send you to a small outpost near the Howling Stones (the rift that contains the Tomb). There, you will be given more quests that will increase your favor with the Sklerossians.

Legion of Danak

The legion are the Sathirian iksar battalion that hold Ganak's Battlement against the Dracurion droag, protecting the Danak Shipyards and the green fields between them. Agent Zhatia will start this series for you, advising you to gather the heads of dracurion hoplites to get in the good graces of Sergeant Slithess. WARNING: It is advised that you do not complete the quests to become non KOS with this faction while still doing quests for Warlord Sel'Nok as you will be asked to kill 15 Danak regimentals, and this will require taking -1500 in faction hits to complete. If you are already non KOS then you may need to do a couple of quests for them first in order to offset the faction loss, in order to ensure you do not drop too low and become ineligible for their quests.

Clan Stormshield

These two brothers, Kror and Grim Stormshield, are either the two greatest huntsmen the Dwarves have ever produced, or two of the craziest transplanted Cajun's Norrath has ever seen. Still, as crazy as they may be, they seem to know what they are doing and you just might benefit by seeing this faction series through to the end.

Racial Bosses

There are a number of Heroics, and two Epics, but the following are the Soloable Named mobs scattered about this zone. Every one of them will grant AA experience. Click on the mob to see a map with known locations.

Mob NameRaceLevelPOINotes
Zok the OldDrake82^Dracur's Breatharound -1590.20, 204.96, 366.55
A Gazing PetrifierCockatrice80^The Ashen Grove
A Sel'Nok DispatchSarnak80^Dracur's BreathRuns to and from The Sel'Nok Scout Encampment
An Enraged GnasherDevourer82^between Ragefire's Talon and The Temple of the Red Lord -1994, 195, 854
BarrelspikeSucculent78^Stonehoof Badlands
Crystalline DestroyerGolem84^The Temple of the White Lady
WrothflameDrake84^The Temple of the Red Lord
Widow Matron EilyanDrachnid83^Drachnid Cave
Scarscale the RavagerWyvern83^The Temple of the Red Lord -2039, 250, 354

The Overthere

Stonehoof Badlands

Sokokar Station
Howling Stones
Skyfire Mountains
Skleross Encampment
The Sel'Nok Brigade
Emissary Dih'ri
  1. Overthere and Back Again (77)
  2. Emissary's Courier (77)
  3. When You Mess With the Rhino (77) Repeats until your faction is 'indifferent' (>-10000)
  4. The Diviner Will See You Now (77) - Speak with Diviner De'Voch

Sel'Nok Brigade Command Post

Nor Ver'Kiel
The Sel'Nok Brigade
Diviner De'Voch
  1. A Game of Grab Sap - Kill: Succulents
  2. Bit off More - Kill: Sabretooth tigers
  3. Agonized Spirit Shards - Kill: iksar ghosts
  4. Three per Foot - Kill: Cockatrices

Battlemaster Kythe

  1. Scout Jamboree (77)
  2. Propaganda Proliferation (77)
  3. Taking the Surge from Insurgents (77)
  4. Off to See the Warlord (77) - Speak with Warlord Sel'Nok

Warlord Sel'Nok

  1. Mystery at the Battlement (77)
  2. Information Highway (79)

Skleross Encampment

Sokokar Station
Howling Stones
Skyfire Mountains
Stonehoof Badlands
Clan Skleross
Lord Sheckt
  1. A Grave Job (78)
  2. Decapitator Exterminator (78)
  3. To the Next Master (78) - Leads you to Master Sniks at the Howling Stones camp
  4. Is There a Shaman in the House? (79) - Leads you to Shaman Medicus in Skyfire Mountains near The Temple of the Red Lord

Iksar Hero

Agent Zhatia

  1. Heads or Tales (78) - Kill: 12 dracurion hoplites
  2. What Was Lost (80) - Available after completing Information Highway.

Upper Command Camp

Lance Corporal Sonoriss

  1. Heads Off to the Sergeant (78) - Take the sack of heads up the trail to Sergeant Slithess
  2. A Head of the Game (78) - Kill: 12 dracurion hoplites

Sergeant Slithess

  1. Dracurion Donations for the Danak Legion (78) - Kill: Dracurion hoplites until you find 12 magically imbued axes and 12 arcanic shields
  2. Bad to the Bones (78)
  3. Luclin Ore Death (78)
  4. Lieutenant Dansiss Gets New Legs: Me (79)
  5. Commanding Attention (80)

Completing the above quests should raise your faction with Legion of Danak high enough to speak with Field Master Selrahc.

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Zixka Slizzis

  1. No Word From the Field (78) - Find the missing scouts.
  2. An Order to Hunt (78) - Kill 6 of the Rime invaders. (This will cost you 150 faction with The Order of Rime).
  3. Letter From Camp (78) - Search Traitor's Pass for the Rime camp.
  4. A Poor Imitation (79) - Search Traitor's Pass for the Rime camp.
  5. Search of The Overthere (80) - Search Ganak's Battlement, and the doors to Chelsith and Charasis for signs of the invaders.
  6. Search of Skyfire Mountains (83) - Search the Temples of the Red Lord and the White Lady.

Complete the first quest from Zixka to unlock Vixna.
Vixna Slizzis

  1. Elemental Difference (78) - Gather samples from 10 elementals.
  2. Odd Shopping List (78) - Gather spell components
  3. Gathering Rime Stones (79) - Obtain rune stones from Rime flurrybursts.''
  4. More Components for Vixna (79) - Gather spell components.''

Ganak's Battlement

Legion of Danak
Field Master Selrahc
  1. Don't Ruins my Day... (78)
  2. Weapons? What Weapons? (78)
  3. Here a Crate, There a Crate... (77)
  4. Armor ore Weapons! (78) - Mining: Get 20 pieces of ore (Mining skill of 340 required)

Howling Stones

Sokokar Station
Stonehoof Badlands
Danak Shipyards
Skleross Encampment
Clan Skleross
Master Sniks
  1. Scorpikis Your Tail Goodbye (78)

Herd Master Rudek

  1. One Fish, Two Fish (78)
  2. Another Shell Game (79)
  3. 101 Things to Do With a Dead Grindhoof (79)
  4. Stoneglint Knuckle Crackers (79)
  5. Sealed With a Scorpikis (79)

Quartermaster Ulrothk

  1. Desert Survival Tactic Number Eight (78)
  2. Aggressive Pin Cushions (79)
  3. Keep Your Nose to the Grindhoof (79)
  4. Plushy Hides to Seek (79)



  1. Exclusive Access (80 Heroic) - Clear the way to the Altar of the Dragonslayer in Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep

Ignazina Thafni

  1. Safely-Kept Soul (84 Heroic) - Obtain the Phylactery of the Dragonslayer, Emperor Ganak, in Charasis: Maiden's Chamber

Clan Stormshield

Kror Stormshield

  1. A Dangerous Game! Test of Stone! (80) - Kill: Stoneglint cockatrices
  2. A Dangerous Game! Test of Fang! (80) - Kill: Razorfang sabertooth tigers
  3. A Dangerous Game! Test of Hoof! (80) - Kill: Grindhoof rhinoceroses
  4. A Dangerous Game! Test of Claw! (80) - Kill: Durus skorpikis'
  5. The following four Trials can be gotten and performed together, and are repeatable!
    • At level 80, these quests give 2% AAExp each, plus the +800 to Clan Stormshield!
    1. Game of Aggression! (80 Repeatable) - Kill: Grindhoof rhinoceroses
    2. Game of Ire! (80 Repeatable) - Kill: Stoneglint cockatrices
    3. Game of Pain! (80 Repeatable) - Kill: Durus skorpikis'
    4. Game of Umbrage! (80 Repeatable) - Kill: Razorfang sabertooth tigers
  6. A Dangerous Game! Test of Might! (80) - Kill: Pharynx
  7. A Grim Tale Indeed! (80)
You may now seek further testing with his brother,Grim Stormshield , in the Skyfire Mountains!

Danak Shipyards

Utander Rizndown
Kilriss Zessch
loc:  -255,-34,1128
loc:  -39,-43,1166
Recipe Scrolls
Fuel Merchant
Sokokar Station
loc:  38,-40,1097
Howling Stones
Legion of Danak
Lieutenant Dansiss
  1. Dead Fish, Blue Fish (80)
  2. Something Fishy is Going On (79)
  3. Ring Around the Scholar (79)
  4. Seeking Sergeant Slithess (79)

Somers the Hard

  1. Direct Reports! (77)
  2. Somers' Sunk and Salvaged! (80)

Supply Clerk Linxx

  1. I'd Rather be the Hare... (78)
  2. Deadly Waters! (78)

Warp Hammer

Prereq: All three factions (The Sel'Nok Brigade, Clan Skleross, and Legion of Danak) must be at 40,000 (Ally) or better.

This series is for a hammer, Worker Sledgemallet, that procs a teleport to Danak Shipyards.

Necromancer Corporiss

  1. A Recipe for Necromancer Stew (80)
  2. Utterly Vial (80)
  3. Once a Marine, Always a Marine! (81)
  4. Super Scroll (80)
Utander Rizndown
  1. I'd Hammer in the Morning (81)


Yothe K'lohgk

  1. Neutral Zealotry (83 Heroic)
  2. Leviacide (84 Heroic)

The Skyfire Mountains
The Skyfire Mountains

Skyfire Mountains

Sokokar Station
Stonehoof Badlands
Skleross Encampment
The Temple of the Red Lord
Commander Glish
  1. Your Glish is My Command(er) (80)
  2. Skyfire Exterminator (80)
  3. Escape From the House of Droag (80)
  4. Workin' the Docks (81) - Meet the Commander back at Danak Shipyards

Clan Stormshield

Grim Stormshield (pre-req: 24,000 faction with Clan Stormshield)

  1. A More Dangerous Game! Test Of Wings! (80)- Kill: skyfire drakes
  2. A More Dangerous Game! Test Of Jaws! (80) - Kill: devourers
  3. A More Dangerous Game! Test Of Hide! (80) - Kill: skyfire wyverns
  4. A More Dangerous Game! Test of Scale! (80) - Kill: skyfire wurms
  5. The following four Trials can be gotten and performed together, and are repeatable!
  6. A More Dangerous Game! Test of Mastery! (80) - Kill: Grimebelly

The Sel'Nok Scout Encampment

Sokokar Station
The Temple of the Red Lord
The Sel'Nok Brigade
Scout Nan'Dor
  1. Planting the Evidence (80)
  2. Wurms, and Devourers, and Drakes. Oh, My! (80)
  3. Nothing on the Mind (80)
  4. To the Warlord! (80) - Speak with Warlord Sel'Nok

The Temple of the White Lady

Sokokar Station
The Temple of the Red Lord

The Temple of the Red Lord

Sokokar Station
The Sel'Nok Scout Encampment
Skyfire Mountains
The Temple of the White Lady
Shaman Medicus
  1. Red, White and Dead (80) - Find Medicus' missing pupil
  2. Along Came a Drachnid (80) - Kill 10 Drachnids and find the tablet they took
  3. Tome Sweet Tome (80) - Kill: ashfire drakes and magmatic destroyers, and gather pollen from magma blooms
  4. A Path for Medicus (81) - Help the shaman leave Skyfire

Collection Quests

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