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General Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Players on Open Realm Versus Realm Servers will no longer erroneously receive a bolster buff when entering the Open RvR areas in Tier 4.
  • Players who create a new Knight of the Blazing Sun or Black Guard will now be treated to a fly-over career introduction similar to those which accompany the creation of new characters from the other careers.


  • Added a mailbox to the Greenskin Chapter 19 hub.
  • Fixed an issue that could, in some cases, cause Orc monsters in Dwarf Chapter 1 to hit for an excessive amount of damage.
  • The Deathwracked Servants in High Elf Chapter 17 will no longer award coin, loot, or experience to players that kill them. These forlorn creatures have no will to live, and do not fight to defend themselves. As such, there is no glory (nor anything else) to be gained in slaying them.


  • Corrected an issue that would cause multiple Guild Recall Scrolls to be deleted from a player's inventory following the use of a Guild Recall Scroll to teleport back to the Capital City. Also, these items will now stack up to a limit of 5.

Quests and Public Quests


  • Northern Advance: Added a waypoint to help players more easily locate Breitenhoff the Faithful.
  • Blood of the Vale: Destruction players will now be able to complete this Lost Vale dungeon quest after defeating N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets.
  • Pure of Heart: Order players will now be able to complete this Lost Vale dungeon quest after defeating N'Kari, Keeper of Secrets.

Public Quests

  • Beer Barrel Bash: This Public Quest in Kadrin Valley will now have appropriate conditions for all stages.
  • Might of Ulthuan: Fixed an issue that was causing the Bloodborn Wrathcallers to respawn too quickly.
  • Might of Ulthuan: The Dwarf Engineer's turret pet will no longer be able to attack invisible monsters in this Public Quest.

Realm vs. Realm

  • Fixed an issue with the doors at the Ironskin Skar Battle Objective in the Black Crag that was allowing Area-of-Effect abilities to pass through the door and affect players on the other side.
  • The Oathbearer Longbeard who spawns when the forces of Order successfully capture the Goblin Armory Battlefield Objective in the Marshes of Madness will now once again properly cast his Merchant's Gift buff.
  • The guards in the Greenskin Fortress will now correctly despawn when the Fortress Lord has been killed or when The Inevitable City is open for capture.

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