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Warhammer Hotfix

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Capital Cities

  • Additional polish has been applied to captured Capital City boss encounters.


  • Ulthuan's Fury: Interacting with the Ironroot Branch will now correctly summon the Forest Spirits.

  • Restless Vengeance: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from obtaining this quest again after abandoning it.

  • Give 'Im Wot He Wants: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from summoning the Giant, which was causing them to become stuck on the quest.

  • Arming the Militia: Each Defender Corpse players interact with on this quest will now give only one quest item.

  • Riding to War: Players will once again be able to interact with the Captured Citizens and advance this quest.

  • Lightbringer: Revised a step of this quest which was causing players to become stuck.

  • The Ebon Flame: Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from obtaining this quest after abandoning it.

  • Press the Attack: Players will now only be able to kill the Silversong Bladesingers by using the Hellcannons, as directed by the

  • Nurgling Nuisance: Added a missing waypoint for this Order-only quest, and also corrected an issue that was erroneously allowing Destruction players to obtain the quest.

  • Bastion Stair: Fixed a few issues with the Boss monster spawns and abilities in this dungeon.

  • Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin: Fixed an issue that was causing guards to spawn endlessly within this public quest.

  • Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin: The shrines in this Public Quest can now be attacked at melee range.

  • Burn Rock Tower: All Dwarf NPCs in the vicinity of this Public Quest will now grant influence properly when killed.

  • Blighted Herd: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from being able to advance this Public Quest beyond Stage 2 by
destroying the Herdstone.

  • The White Tower of Hoeth: This Public Quest will once again properly recognize player contribution when determining loot distribution.

  • The Bile Lord in the Bilerot Burrow dungeon in the Inevitable City can once again be killed.

  • Hellglaive Bloodknife NPCs in Caledor will now respond when attacked at range.

  • Players will now arrive at the correct location when zoning from Bastion Stair to Chaos Wastes.

  • Blood Focus: This Public Quest will now drop the appropriate range of loot bags.


  • Old Breath: Players will no longer receive erroneous test messages when right-clicking on this item.

  • Mote of Zzangal'Nes Nalanel: This item no longer spams the player's chat window when that player is attacking NPCs.

  • Hardened Obsidian Orb: The enhancement slots have been removed from this item, as they were placed there erroneously.

  • Vault Gem: Fixed an issue that was allowing this item to be used repeatedly without delay, affecting the performance of the game client.

  • Sack of Rotting Fruit: This item can no longer be sold.

Realm vs. Realm

  • Thickmuck Keep will now spawn only guards of the proper realm after the keep is claimed by a guild.

  • Improved the behavior and pathing of Fortress Lords and their guards to ensure that they provide a suitably challenging encounter for players.

Client Stability

  • We have fixed an issue introduced in Update 1.0.4 that was causing some players to experience excessive load times and lockup upon logout.

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